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    Just wondering if anyone has realized that many of the "wholesalers" are selling on Ebay themselves? I've noticed many items that are being sold for just slightly more than what people on Alibaba and sites like that are selling in wholesale. In fact, for certain electronic items, I've noticed that the only items that sold are those that are priced at or around the actual wholesale price.

    Think about it, these wholesalers are not stupid about what people will pay in the US for their goods and they can charge just a few bucks over their price and make a good living.....

    You can't even buy a knockoff bag from anyone for less than $100 and you'll see tons of people selling them on Ebay for $120....

    Are there any decent wholesale sources for items that you can actually make a profit from on Ebay?
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    thats not necessariy the case about the $100 for the knockoff bag, you just need to look in the right places..or take a trip out to guangzhou for yourself...

    re alibaba, i dont think this is a good indication of wholesale prices, a lot of the companies listed are trading companies and the goods may have changed hands 2 or more times before being offered on there...

    i think you should find a single reliable source in china who will handle all your order enquires either factory direct or through a wholesale outlet and you can agree 5-10% comission on the prices...

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    I've had my theories about this.

    Tell you the truth most of the "wholesale dropshippers" out there are just complete middlemen. I've put in the research over the last month that's actually needed to see through the bullsh*t, and have learned you you should never look for wholesalers through search engines. Only do your research through search engines, and even then you can barely find any results. You have to filter through the SEO'd bulls**t results. Most domains with wholesale or dropship in the domain are bullsh*t. Listen I didn't believe this when people said it on these forums over the last month but if you want to save yourself the research/time just listen to what i'm saying and accept it. Find liquidators and local chinese importers if you want to make some dollars on ebay.

    With that being said, you can make money on ebay, and you can find dropshippers on the internet. It takes some serious work and dedication, but it's possible. I know people that make their living dropshipping on ebay, but to say they're living large or that it's easy money is a complete farce. Your margins are going to be very tight no matter who you are.

    I have just put in the effort that's continually needed to filter through this sh*t, and have found a supplier and it's completely saturated on ebay but I may have a chance by selling through a website. Please don't PM me for them either. Someone who says they'll give you their supplier is either 1.) full of sh*t 2.) selling fakes/replicas 3.) the supplier themselves and needs to be immediately treated with apprehension/caution

    No matter the case every supplier needs to be researched HARDCORE. I didn't understand how much research this stuff took at first. It's literally a full time job filtering through the lies.

    Look at koehlerhomedecor d*t c*m ... was about to waste all of my time investing into this supplier only to find out last second through research that they're just one more website that goes through Smcorp (don't deal with them, do the research yourself to find out).

    in this game everyone's a middleman. I'm not saying I couldn't make money with the above supplier (because maybe i could, def not on ebay), but why the f**k would someone want to if they know they're a middleman.

    checkout ckbproducts d*t c*m, just another middleman, they go through bnfusa d*t c*m.

    No one will spoon feed you or give you their methods for finding suppliers or EVER give you their suppliers. If they do they're either an idiot or they don't make money and you wouldn't want their supplier anyway. If they even tell you their ebay name/website they're an idiot because then you can find their niche/suppliers if you look hard enough.

    Sh*t ain't easy. Whatever you've heard it's just been these wholesalers/dropshippers feeding the machine to in the end get your money. One thing this has taught me is: wow I need to become one of these middlemen. Now THAT must be where the money's at!!!! bnfusa was the cheapest/best system i've found so far for general merchandise without getting from china and doing the work yourself.

    You're going to get scammed if you rush into this and don't put in the hours. These middlemen know this. If this advice didn't help you then sadly you're about to be going through a "wholesale" middleman, so have fun with that.
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    My own world
    Thanks for the information.. Thats really helpful.. :)
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    I spent over 80 hours looking for decent dropshippers and have found some reputable ones. Things I have learned and am willing to share:

    1. Never pay to join any dropshipper/wholesale website.

    2. Sometimes you will encounter a middleman wholesaler but this middleman will save you time and trouble then going to the source, they already buy in bulk that is why you can buy 2 bags and not the 50 the main source would require from you.

    3. Selling fakes is profitable but not worth it. It pretty much has the same consequences of drug dealing but it will never stop being in demand. Leave it to others to go down that route, eventually they will all get caught. I have been to Guangzhou, china, and many other cities in china and I can tell you each time I went there that it was getting more and more secretive. They have these huge malls with showrooms and they had them in open site as they were back in the late 90's on canal street, ny. Not worth it.

    4. Make sure to ask alot of questions, test the patience of the person/company to determine how they would react in any business dealings good or bad.

    5. consider using a wholesale buyer who charges a fee for each shop they do for you. I live in NY and do this often for people from other states. Saves them time, money, and gives them peace of mind. I know the wholesale districts and other factories throughout NY/NJ.

    Your right about wholesalers selling retail, unfair but that's business. Gotta make your listing look better, and sometimes a buyer would prefer to buy from someone in their own state or country so its not always a loss.