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Just a quick intro n say hello

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by PublicLiability, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. PublicLiability

    PublicLiability Newbie

    Mar 29, 2015
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    Hi All,

    Well I ended up here by accident lol and Im glad I stumbled across this place as I've found more useful info here than anywhere else.

    Just to give you a rough Idea Im not a pro, just switched from windows to lubuntu and trying that again as my laptop is a piece of junk. Anyway A few years ago I wasn't working so I decided to start teaching myself dreamweaver as where I am there was plenty of work in that area at the time. I'd bought a few domains just off of what I have experience in, corporate travel and collections. So unfortunatley I got a real job and that was the end of that plus im not so teccy and more into cryptology and women ;). So last year i met a guy who made his money online and as my domains were about to expire i was goin to let them go and he offered me a few quid for one of them as he could use it. Im not daft so i asked him how much it was really worth it was a damn sight more than he offered me but he was literally offerin me every penny he had on him so I knew there was somethin there. At this point I didnt have a clue what he did really but he explained to me his idea and its potential to make cash so we came to an agreement he would do the work, well the backend and i would market it it, marketin/sales being more my area.
    Things went south for a couple of reasons and he left here which was a shame as he was a nice guy, id looked into his idea which given his skills and from the couple of hours research I did on SEO, blackhat, im not daft after all saw that his idea was and still would be very good earner.
    Anyway I didn't take it any further as I couldnt afford the outlay for someone to do the programmin and webdesign etc at the time so I sat on the domains and never got the chance to o back to studying dreamweaver etc. My girlfriend started a graphic design course so I thought once she finishes that Id take a new look at the projects and I'd teach myself some SEO and hopefully one site would have been put together and I had my old contacts so I could have aprofessional site put together which i could either sell as as a white label job or get a few investors together and turn it into a working business that from my xperience i the industry would make me some proper money as I intended.
    So I sat on it and the GF being useless and living in another country and me trying to get a job and save enough to get a flat sorted and then go back at it led to nothing happening until I by chance got offered someones online web design course for next to nothing and just started has got me back on the ball so id bought a couple more domains in the meantime and started my course which has led me to trippin over this place as white hat has never been my thing.
    So I have my own server,vpn etc but been a bit silly as I've been messing about with these sites, they were online, basic WP as I was studying SEO until the course started. Now Google clamping down and me not really looking into what I should have been doing ie proxies etc, taking sites up and down and after reading some stuff here has made me realize Ill need a different approach, just means more work and changing tactics so i dont get penalized i was looking for backlinks etc which is why i ended up here. Thanks to everyone who has contributed here as its saved me from a bit of a disaster.
    I dont have ay daft questions to ask n im not looking to offload my sites rather i intend on doing something with them and hopefully quit the 9-5.
    Bit of a long intro but Im doing this course at the weekends and basically not sleeping as its 400 hours in 6 months and I work.
    Anyway nice to be here and I will be in touch with some of you as ive seen some things im ging to throw a few quid at as and when i can to test the waters.

    If ayone has any advice then feel free to give it but i know what my domains are worth plus run a small forum so know to UTFSE^^

  2. jamie3000

    jamie3000 Elite Member Premium Member

    Jun 30, 2014
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    Owner of SEO and IM toolset SupaGrowth.com
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    Welcome buddy :) and good luck with your ventures :) small suggestion, break that wall of text up into smaller chunks, maybe with headers, it will be much easier to read and attract more replies.

    I also share the 9-5 quitting dream!
  3. DonnieBrasco

    DonnieBrasco Regular Member

    Feb 27, 2015
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    Internet Marketer
    Hello, Welcome on BHW, im sure you will have a great time here and also learn a lot.
  4. royserpa

    royserpa Jr. VIP Jr. VIP Premium Member

    Sep 28, 2011
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    Hey buddy, welcome to bhw!