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Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by Arkhane, Feb 4, 2015.

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    Feb 4, 2015
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    Hey guys,
    I had in plan to start earning with some affiliate program and I was reading a lot here about everything, and especially Clickbank.
    I really want to try earning with clickbank but I just want to be sure if I understand it right.

    After I become affiliate, can I promote their sites on paid advertising sites like AdSense and such? Like that their landing page is advertised directly on clicks i purchased?
    And then if I earn more than I pay for advertising I will actually have ROI.

    Thank you!
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    Jan 1, 2015
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    when you join clickbank you will have access to thousands of products to promote.
    You create a link for the product you want to promote which will have your clickbank id included
    when people visit this link they are taken to the products landing page
    if and when they make a purchase you earn some cash

    the problem is that using adwords and some others to advertise DO NOT allow you to advertise the affiliate link you created directly
    you must create your own landing page/website/blog whatever - direct the person there - and then direct them to the product

    i am not a paid advertising expert and have always stayed away from it, i use social media, blogging, email marketing etc to make money from clickbank.

    however, as a newbie you need to be careful with paid advertising. you can drop big cash fast with no ROI if youre not careful.

    I would advise you to look around the forum here, there are sections devoted to this.
    learn and learn, and know what you are doing

    ps the guys that are good at paid advertising, spend an insane amount of money on ads every day but make an insane amount of cash.
    well worth learning, but there are easier ways to make money with clickbank first
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    Sep 24, 2013
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    You can't use your affiliate link directly in advertisers like Google ad..
    Also make sure that you have good experience with PPC. Without enough knowledge in PPC, it ll lead you to loss.
    My advice for you promote the products by social networks like fb, twitter, instagram, youtube review videos.
    After getting some money invest it with buying review domain and hosting also for seo.
    Then switch over to PPC.
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    New and PPC don't go well hand in hand when it comes to affiliate marketing. I've burned a lot of money, got a banned account so I know very well that the best route is to either focus on SEO+ affiliate or better yet, focus on helping people in a niche, get them on your site through various methods and then help them again by providing useful products that are on clickbank or on other sites