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May 12, 2014
This is going to be a bold first post. I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Velociraptor and today is my first day at BHW. I anticipate it will be a long journey, but some day I will earn $100 a day from IM. At least that's the first milestone. When I got here I didn't even know what the abbreviation "BHW" meant, which I'd seen used in threads. I am now familiar that it refers to the name Black Hat World lol. I am learning, and will continue to do so until I am capable of achieving my goals. I look forward to getting to know the BHW forums and hope to receive your support and guidance in my endeavors!
Steady on ol' chap...no need to get all soppy on us :D But welcome to your new humble abode, make yourself comfortable and allow the wealth of knowledge to engulf your brainssssssssss
Hola, bet you will be learning a lot on the forum! some advise for you take action on what you learn ! action is the key ;)
Welcome aboard Velociraptor! Have a look at the journeys section for several other folks heading towards $100 a day! Good luck!
Not open for further replies.
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