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    Does anyone know how I an convert a twitter search API query into an rss able feed? I'm really clueless on this and would love any help.

    Here is an example link:

    search.twitter [dot com]/search.json?q=techcrunch

    I'm not trying to get tweets from techcrunch, but rather just search the latest results of the keyword. Sorry, I don't know where else to put this thread but I'd really love any help possible.

    I'm trying to turn into an RSS feed of results.

    Thanks again in advance
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    You will have to use jQuery for this to make your life easier.

    I won't be helping you with the code but I will help you out with the logic.

    Firstly, you will need to pull those twitter results, use $.getJSON function and pull that URL, now grab all the data you want and run a function.

    Now you gotta make sure that whatever you results you are getting from a JSON response, you will have to store that in an array, so use $.map function.

    Since everything now is stored in a new array, you can do whatever you want.