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    Mar 6, 2012
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    ... for the following problem:
    I have a browser plugin, which injects code into/modifies the HTML code displayed in the browser.
    Actually, the plugin injects the code to access affiliate banner networks, to display various types of ads.
    When this plugin is used when accessing pages from my site, everything works fine.

    I have the idea, it might be possible also to use this plugin to inject code for ads into every other page, the browser is accessing.
    Which creates the problem, that the original injected code will not work, because usually the referrer is checked, which in this case does not point to my domain.

    I need a coder, who develops the code to be injected into the "foreign" page, to wrap my affiliates code, to make it run.
    So, mainly a problem of "fake referrer", I guess.
    A solution with JS only is preferred; PHP support is possible, if necessary.

    In case, there is a solution to my idea, this project should be processed thru real freelancer web site, to secure exchange of information and cash.