Journey Youtube+Adsense+CPA.

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    Nov 11, 2012
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    Hi to everyone! I'm from Latvia (small country near big Russia:D). And i am not so good in english, but that can't stop me to make money.

    Okay, lets start.

    What I have?

    - I have russian channel on Youtube with 1million views. I start monetize it in 11.08.2012 with Adsense, and it give me 100+ euro in month.
    And i promote one gambling affiliate and made 32.21$ on it.

    What i want?

    - I want to reach more than 30$/day in next 30 days. after that 40$/day, 50$/day....


    - Make (in english) channels on youtube about health, sport etc... Some of them i monetize with Adsense, some of them with CPA and another affiliate programs. I want to try as many as possible aff programs.

    My earning yesterday:
    +3,39 € from Adsense.
    I will update my journal every day ;)
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    Oct 16, 2012
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    with love from Latvia , dude :D pm ,mb u'll give me some advice