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Journey w/7878 Method.

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by ibilalx, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. ibilalx

    ibilalx Registered Member

    Dec 15, 2012
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    Most of you guys have heard of his method and idea so I have decided to write my own progress to keep me up to date and see how everything goes.

    The only part I'm afraid of is because I'm too young. I will be turning 16 soon, and I'm currently researching on legal matters, contracts, etc. My parents are okay with this as long as I'm not sitting in front of a computer being useless which I have been pretty much ever since i registered on this website. Its time I guess to take action, and develop my IM future. If anyone has any twists or advice to give all will be appreciated. I plan to try to send 1 mail a day then follow up 3-4 days after with a phone call. I think I will have a good cold call ability, however just need to break into it because I can already sense nerves will come with my first client. Weekends will be my only chance to meet clients, and present my service. I am currently making a portfolio which will begin after my mail is sent tomorrow. I will be using a handy notepad to track clients and send dates. I will be using a given tool here on BlackHat by orginalposter when I have acquired my first successful client. I also need to start shopping this weekend for a suit, or other nice apparel to wear if I schedule a appointment with a client. I will be offering around a flat 700$ first month for setup fee's and etc. Then after that it will be 500$ a month ( note this business makes less than 500,000 a year ). Are these okay prices or should i raise to 900$ first month then 700$ after?


    Monday, February 17
    1 Mail Sent
    Portfolio 0%
    Branding Company Name 75% ( just have to add final touches )
    Business Cards 75% ( just have to order )
    Client Call-Backs: 0
    Invested: 2$ ( Mail costs )
    Received: 0$