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Journey to making a profitable website

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by MickM, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. MickM

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    Jul 2, 2010
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    Hi Guys,

    I posted here for a little advice on the general forum week or two ago but thought I'd get up a 'Journey' thread to keep motivation up, work hard so won't be ashamed at poor results..

    I've started up a website, in the Travel niche. For one particular destination. Progress so far is:

    Website: Domain bought, 1st March, website created and first phase of features i wanted added. Website is based around Wordpress - Using the Yoast SEO plugin and majority of pages have Green SEO Status. Have had a total of 1694 visitors through 95% social media.
    Twitter: Started the Twitter account at the same time as the website, now have exactly 2613 followers at the time of typing.
    Facebook: Only just started the Facebook account, have a poor 20 Followers - This weeks plan is to improve this as much as possible.

    I have very little budget for the website at the moment so haven't got any money to spend on SEO services. For now was going to rely on Content & Social Media. Currently have 80 pages of Unique content (Written by myself) and hoping to grow this by 5 pages per day. The only SEO is On-Page using the Yoast Wordpress plugin. Any money I do make will be put back into the site to grow it.

    How I plan to make money: Affiliate integration with Hotel/Flight bookings and holiday packages. Event Tickets (Not a big earner) & Ad Sense.

    So far I have two Adsense banners, which have performed very badly at only 6 click troughs. £4 total..

    Tasks for the next few days:
    1) Try and figure out Expedia API Integration
    2) Grow Facebook fans.
    3) Reach 3K Twitter followers

    Thanks for reading, advice (Constructive Criticism) more than welcome