Journey To Building 30K/Month

Adam Man

Oct 7, 2016
Hey Guys

Currently I'm on a journey to build 30K a month. I really want to make a lot, but I realized 1 job won't bring it all. I've realized there are probably many methods to bring $300/Day without much work. So I'm thinking, the perfect amount of businesses is 3. It can be easily managed and hopefully be organized.

Business #1 - already making 10k/month

I currently buy and sell electronics locally. However, my biggest problem is, I can't expand it further than $300/day. Some days I make $500+ but those are rare days and it cannot possibly happen everyday.

Business #2

Now I'm stuck. I'm trying to find business #2.

I'm going to use this thread as a way for me to write down my ideas, share my thoughts into ventures I've gone into, and then write about if they are successful or not.
So here are some method's I've looked into.
- Amazon FBA
The problem with this method is I've seen so many videos and it seems like it will take a lot of investment to get me to the $300/day mark. I also don't like the idea of private labeling. What if your item goes wrong and then you have an item you just private labeled which you can't sell.
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