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    I am not such a brilliant to remember the author name of the following lines -

    Earn the means first God surely will contrive

    Use for our earning.

    But, I just believe these lines. I love to know what I do not know and even a few months ago I just thought that amazon is the world’s largest rainforest and as a big fan of outdoor world, I started learning the ins and outs of amazon.

    As a result, the first thing appears to me is Affiliate Marketing. Yap, it is such a viral that I do not like to talk much about affiliate marketing. I love adventurous journey and today I am going to disclose my journey to amazon affiliate program.

    Before going to start a journey, I like to know the distance of my destination, it’s special features, famous spots and much more things to calculate the ratio of pleasure between expense and experience. So, as my nature, I have researched hundreds of hours. Now it seems to me that Online Marketing is awesome with amazon.

    As, you know that it is a performance or action based marketing, so, the first step of this type of marketing is Brand Awareness. That’s why, all that you need to start your journey is a website. A few of us do it with a facebook page or google page but the fruits of website is much more tasty than others.

    I know, you have a question. Don’t worry, I will answer your question soon. Now, let’s see how to launch a website. To create or launch a website, we need three things -

    1. Domain Name.
    2. Web Hosting.
    3. Fresh Content.

    As, we like to name our pet, so we must need a name for our website and that name is called domain name. But before choosing a name for our website, we have to decide first what will we publish on our website, Whom do we like to visit our website. At this stage of journey, we need to select a Niche before choosing a domain name.

    To select a niche within the possible shortest time, you should read this page, but I visit only amazon best sellers page and looking for the products with the highest sales volume. The only intention behind this journey is nothing but making some passive money, so, we have to select the niche which is evergreen with at least 100 search volume every day.

    So, to find out that niche, we have to calculate all the product’s search volume of a specific niche to pick one. To be more clear, write the phrase “amazon best sellers” into your google search box, click on the first link and that is the amazon’s best seller page. This page is showing the result from all department. Look at the left side of that page. Now, you see a list which starts with Appliances and placed under Any Department.


    Click on as much topics as you like including Baby, Beauty, Camera & Photo, Clothing, Home & Kitchen but don't forget to check out three things in each of the topics:

    • Sales Volume
    • Customer Reviews &
    • Price Range

    I see there is enough sales volume and customer reviews in Camera & Photo. The price is also reasonable. To choose a niche the price of the products should be not less than 50 dollar. This is a good choice to me because -

    It is easy to write 1k words per week on Camera.

    People of all ages love camera.

    There is no season to pick photo.

    There is other products related to camera.

    There is a big chance of getting returning customers.

    To select a niche, you just need to be careful about these things. After selecting your niche, you can now choose your domain name for your website. The name should be Brandable because, we are to put much importance on Brand Awareness. The domain name like,, are of less value than

    At this stage of your journey to amazon affiliate program, you need to buy hosting for your website. You can count on any hosting provider those who provide SSD hosting under $10 per month. And then comes Fresh Content.

    Before publishing contents on your website, you need to install a CMS to your hosting server. I prefer wordpress. Installing wordpress is as easy as drinking a cup of coffee. This video tutorial will help you to do that. Then activate a theme from wordpress theme gallery and install some free plugins to make your job handy.

    Do not launch your website before writing at least 9 or 10 contents. Because after launching your website you have to publish a post each week. But, if you are confident enough to write or manage articles every week without any break then it’s up to you.

    The most important part of this journey is Fresh Content. Though a lot of marketers say that keyword is the key of success, but I don’t think so. What a golden keyword will do if you can not set a smart content behind that keyword. So, no need to anxious about keyword research. Just choose a niche, pick up some products and start writing about those products.

    When you write about those products, three types of writing will come out from you. Info Intent Writing, Teaching Intent Writing & Purchase Intent Writing. If you publish these three types of post on your website, google surely will rank you better. And there is a universal truth, Read a lot to be a writer. Yap, you have to read hundreds of blogs on camera to write fresh contents for your website if you also have chosen this niche.

    However, if you are just better than a Gastropod in terms of motion and speed, you now have chosen your Niche, selected 10 - 20 products, bought domain & hosting, installed wordpress with your expected theme & plugins and published 5 - 10 contents(5k+ words). Now come to the main point.

    There will be a chance of being neglected by Amazon if you try to get their approval just now. Because, I have said, not the goalden keyword, nor the content, but the Brand Awareness is the main factor of your journey to amazon affiliate program. So, now your duty is to promote your website. To do so, use social share buttons before or after each and every post of your website. Visit several forums related to your niche and post comments on the forum threads including your website url. Go to Q&A sites and search for the questions targeting your niche, write attractive answers which surely will lead the readers to your site and after all don’t forget to publish at least one content each week on your own site.

    If you keep this process running for 8 to 10 weeks, you will see that, there is 20+ fresh contents on your site, 100+ unique visitors to your site per day, 50+ quality backlinks for your site and 500+ total social shares of your posts. What do you think now? Didn’t you established your brand?

    I don’t know what do you think now, but google is now sure that you have established your brand. You have now 500+ social shares which is enough to tell others about your brand, you have regular visitors to your website and you have six figure of words on your site. This is high time, you applied for amazon approval and amazon won’t dare to reject your application.
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    You have some good tips, thanks for sharing, ill be following your journey :D
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    Nice information man :)
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    I guess that items are better sellers than books, especially when it comes to making money. Many people looking for books are looking for free PDFs anyway.