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Journey to a new life

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by dmmad, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. dmmad

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    Sep 8, 2014
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    Hi all,
    time to start my own journey thread!
    Some time ago I had an idea for a website that could, at least in theory, make enough money to replace my full time job and provide for me an my family.
    I'm in my late 30's, so this is a big change (and a big risk), but I'm ready to face the challenge.
    The problem is that building this site and make it profitable will be a time & money consuming task, so I plan to keep my regular employee job until the end of this year, and meanwhile I'll work to launch my site.
    Unfortunately my pay is not enough to cover all the costs of this project, since I'm planning to offer free subscription for some time (maybe 1 year) to create a solid user base before starting to offer paid premium packages, and while I offer this for free I have to pay for development and promotion.

    So here's the point of this journey: create some "side projects" to help me raise money for the big one.
    I'll track my progess here to keep me motivated, you're welcome to follow, comment, criticize, help.

    Goal: to reach a stable 1.000$/mo extra income by the end of the year

    Here's my side projects:

    - Site 1
    I have a very old domain that generates about 1500 uniques/month, all from a specific country. The domain is currently parked and makes 1$/day in parking ad fees.

    I'm going to build an amazon affiliate site for that niche to bank the free traffic.

    Since this must be in a non-english language, I'll build it by myself following the many advices found here.

    I'll not invest much to bring traffic to this site (just some basic SEO), since it already has a decent traffic from the domain.
    The real challenge will be to convert the free traffic into $$$

    - Site 2
    I've been planning an Amazon authority site for quite some time (late 2015), but I had to postpone it due to a newborn baby that took away all of my spare time (and most of my sleep time too!).
    I have a niche in mind and a nice domain to go with it. Since my time is very limited, I'm checking the "built for you" offers on BHW, will decide soon if build it myself or outsource it

    - Site 3
    This one is already up and running from a few weeks: it's a classified site, in a niche where the most popular site has not been updated in the past 10 years (the design sucks and it's not responsive), and still manages to get hundreds of listings published every day, including many premium (paid) ones. I built a nice looking and responsive one, I'm currently loading listings every day (outsourced) and I already had a few real listings published.

    I'm planning to bring traffic in from SEO and FB ads.
    This site will be monetized with Adsense and, later, with premium options for the ads

    That's all for now, I'll try to keep this journey thread updated as much as I can .

    Thanks for reading!!
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