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    So this is my first time when I create a journey. I'm a member here since 2012, I learn alot of things from another members so I decided to start my journey for my curent project. I also ranked a few sites on the top with the information which I got on this forum.
    My site is in health niche, the url i will not tell for security reasons, I will try to focus on 2-3 main keywords which have a total of 200k searches per month and i hope i will get good rankings for long tails keywords which I already select about 50 kws. The site will contain articles posted by me and articles posted by real people, actually I will allow people to submit content in my site. The platform was made by me(I have some skills in php, css, html, ajax, mysql) have a clear design, is simple, a simple slider, so with another words will be a community where I allow people share stories/experiences(content). My plan is to add only usefull information on the site and create only quallity backlinks from relevant sites, I don't believe in tools, tricks, spam, etc... I know they work I see every day crap sites ranked on top only with backlinks from GSA so that anti spam team from google seems they don't do a good job... anyway.. I will try to be legit to make the site an authority site for a long term.

    Present stats:
    domain registered 10 days ago.
    already posted 7 articles 300-400-500 words
    already indexed in google and bing.
    not ranked for any keyword.
    backlinks just a few from some related posts and brings about 10-20 uv per day.

    Also I believe if I create more backlink from relevant posts I will get then backlinks in a natural way because in this niche this type of community don't exist so that's the reason why I created... if something doesn't exist on the internet if you are the first who create, you have a chance to have success... so.. like i say if I create enough backlinks from relavant posts then I will get 100% backlinks in natural way which will help me alot.
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    how manny ip is your site?
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    what are you talking about??