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Journey to $1,000/week From Scratch

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by Elmo*, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. Elmo*

    Elmo* Junior Member

    Jan 16, 2012
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    Alright so I've been taking a highly irresponsible break for the entire 2016. Just partying and spending incredibly irresponsibly :D I can say without a doubt it's the best year ever in terms of the experiences I've had and stuff I've been meaning to do but didn't do until this year

    That said, my IM "business" seriously took a toll but I honestly didn't care at all. Not that I think it's admirable but hey a stupid 21 year old's priorities are pretty messed up. :D

    All my websites got deleted because I didn't renew my hosting because I didn't give a fuck lol

    Now that I've had enough of messing around doing stupid shit...

    I'm back and I'm committed to build up my wealth with some IM ventures and eventually I'm going to invest most of what I have into real longer term business(es).

    Now I'm severely lacking funds (I have like $1k in my Paypal rofl) but I still carry a little knowledge with me!

    Since I'm so low on capital so I'm focusing on stuff that's not necessarily the most profitable, but will bring me quick ROI. I'm in a situation that I'm actually considering doing Uber lol, no shame in that though it's just to make a point!

    By the end of the journey (hopefully) I'll have a decent cash cow bringing me a nice chunk of cash weekly, so I can use the money to invest in other more profitable projects.

    Also one of my key problems is trying to juggle too many projects at one go. That's the whole reason why I'm starting this journey thread in the first place - to keep myself laser focused.

    I'm going to be 100% focusing on SELLING SERVICES on various marketplaces for the next 30 days to get myself to get myself to $1,000/week. (Yes think Fiverr / SEOClerks and the likes)

    ... And outsourcing everything such that it is on 100% complete autopilot, within the next 30 days!

    This will be my very first time outsourcing properly, that means having a proper duplicable system with training and shit instead of just giving out one-off tasks and letting the guy wing it.


    *** Key Areas ***

    -- Boosting
    -- Sales copy / Graphics
    -- Getting Reviews
    -- Cold Email
    -- Emailing all old customers
    -- Ads (FB/Google)
    -- Remarketing

    -- Creating Operational Task Documents
    -- Recording Video Training
    -- Documenting Operational Task Documents in a Team Management App
    -- Hiring Outsourcers / Management


    Updates will look like this:

    Week 1:

    Service 1
    Revenue for the Week
    : $470/wk
    Automated Percentage: 90%

    Service 2
    Revenue for the Week
    : $190/wk
    Automated Percentage: 20%

    .. so on so forth


    I believe I can get to the $1k/week mark within 30 days. And yes I'm starting from complete scratch. That said I believe it's going to be pretty easy :) We'll see!

    I'll cheat a little by beginning right now (Saturday 1:52pm) but official "Day 1" is on Monday my time :p
  2. W9go

    W9go Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    May 16, 2011
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    chasing girls
    chasing girls
    good luck ... motivation is my problem as well :).

    looking forward to your updates .... i thought 470 in week 1 .. show :) .... so hope you make that soon