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    I am completely new to this forum, but would like to become a regular contributor, and learn as much as I possibly can. My sincerest apologies if I have posted in the wrong section, and feel free to move it and give me a telling off :D

    In true Tim Ferriss style, I would like to see what I can learn and achieve, in a limited time frame. I will set aside 3 hours a day for the next 14 days, and see what recurring daily amount I can make. Will it be nothing, will it be 10 dollars, 100, 1000? I am about to find out.

    I will document my progress daily, even if just 100 words outlining what I have learnt. This will be a steep learning curve, and any guidance and mentoring would be greatly appreciated (if you don't ask, you don't get lol)

    When I was 5 years old I was bought a BBC micro-computer. I quickly figured out how to mess around on it, play some 5 1/2" floppy disc drive games, do a little homework, and occasionally sit down with my dad and type out some programming from a book, in the vain attempt to learn how programming worked.

    I was about to leave secondary school at the age of 18. I was offered a job by in schools IT dept to deploy a bunch of PC's. This lasted around 6 months, when I move to an internet hosting company.

    I learnt to build a few websites, and made a few quid for building and outsourcing work to an online agency.

    Finally I moved onto managing and maintaining the infrastructure of a local authority.

    To start with, this was interesting, but soon started to hate to monotony of the job, and the people I worked with lacked drive, ambition and the ability to laugh and enjoy life.

    I saved up some money and left the job, and decided to rely on myself to get by in life. Since then I've built a online store, which I am in the process of carrying out onsite optimisation for. When this is complete, the 2 weeks will be over, and hopefully I can apply what I have learned to my store, and use some of the contacts and services I have discovered along the way.

    So.....here we go

    If anyone's interested keep an eye on the thread, and please say hello.
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    Jan 9, 2014
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    I'm interested.

    Good model.
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    This seems like a very different but interesting journey. Let's hope you get results in 14 days. All the best.
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    Wish you the best of luck! Keep us updated!
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    Mar 4, 2016
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    Finished reading and researching last night.

    Completed my 3 hours of research. This is what I have learnt so far....
    Keyword research is vital. The most important element. Need to source the best keyword researcher on BHW (any suggestions?)
    Writing is not my specialist area, so need to get a brilliant content writer that can encorporate my well researched keywords.
    I need to produce a range of length of article, atleast 6 x 1000 word plus 4 x 500 word and one or 2 pillar articles (just learnt what a pillar article is lol)
    Source good quality hosting on non spammy network, with fast servers
    I need to learn more about SEO in content (any suggestions for articles please?)
    Page load time is very important.
    Yoast is useful
    Reddit is my friend and sub reddits should be utilised
    Compress images
    Good quality homepage content
    Make site mobile friendly
    Important to look as legit as possible

    Apologies I didn't have chance to write up yesterday, by the time I finished reading, I was off to bed!

    Right, the second day of 3 hours reading and learning begins.
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    Mar 4, 2016
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    It appears that there are many ways in which I can create an income.
    All of which are achievable.
    Some take several months to establish, and a considerable amount of outsourcing.
    What are the most reliable short term methods, I should research more? Need to be able to create atleast $50? Is this possible in a few weeks? Any test cases/examples/journeys that are new and relevant that might help me out here?
    Many thanks :)
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    Completed my 3 hours again yesterday. Was a lot harder going. Focused my 6 hours so far on building authority sites. Need to diversify. Here is what I have found so far :
    Split my work into questions and tasks
    Need a short term, medium term, and long term strategy.
    Break up long 1500 word articles using images and infographics
    Email subscription is a very valuable asset and needs to be researched more
    Use ebook to generate email addresses, perhaps use pop up advertising on main site or create micro site dedicated to the ebook topic?
    Understand and research Amazon Associate accounts
    Learn how to use Java script codes
    Learn about Amazon Web Stores
    Create some written content specifically for social media, with links back to main site.
    Get all round multimedia, and have videos created where possible.
    I need to understand long tail keyword research- great source of potentially profitable high amounts of traffic
    I need to discover who the best is at online reputation management
    Can buying content in bulk save me money on projects?
    How many micro niche sites is a good idea to have?
    Diversity of projects is my friend, do not put all of my eggs in one basket.
    Need to read articles on how Pinterest works, and what marketing techniques there are. Click through rate and engagement from research seems excellent! Pinterest is key in my success.
    What are "rich Pins"
    I need to learn more about "Calls to Action" which are the most efficient techniques/wording?
    Split test amazon and adsense
    Need to establish a list of KPI's to assess how well a project is performing. Must ensure thorough understanding of these metrics, and prioritise them.
    Can I become a semi-pro/expert in an area, and provide a valuable service?

    Back to the grind today, and another 3 hours to plough through. Wish me luck!
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    Jan 19, 2016
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    Hey - good luck. You've covered loads already. I think you'll need a bit more than 14 days to get to grips with it all. That said I reckon you'll soon be hooked and will keep it up. If you enjoy it you should.
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    Thanks snowface. Starting to realise the vast amount of knowledge there is on BHW.
    Basstrackerboats has produced some incredible case studies and posts. Trying to harvest as much information as possible from them, as my first line of attack.
    Everything I have learned so far has been related to creating authority sites. This has taught me a massive amount, but I feel that in the short term, I need to discover other income streams, to allow me to live, and invest time and money into an authority site.
    Improving the quality and speed of writing will play a massive factor in my success. I will start adding an additional hour a day, of reading books written by high quality authors.
    I need to start putting an hour a day in writing also.
    I need to get in contact with someone who can provide me with some top quality keyword research, to help find a lucrative/reasonably profitable niche to focus my writing on.
    I need to get to sleep earlier, and get up earlier. Eat healthier, and exercise more. I need as much high quality, energy rich time as possible, if I am to succeed at any goals I set in my life.
    The experience so far has helped me focus on what strategy I need to implement to start ranking my online store.
    I really need to diversify my time and efforts, and need to start getting some money coming in.
    Information I have gleaned today :
    Create descriptions for images not just alt tags
    Create press release to build rounded balance of back links
    Use dragon dictate to save time writing articles
    Need to learn how to use scrapebox

    One of BassTrackerBoats articles also provided me with an interesting quote :
    Also, it is a bit of a commitment... you have to plow through sometimes just like anything else. If you don't feel like {mowing the lawn|replacing the ceiling fan|cleaning the bathroom} you still do it because it has to be done.

    Same with building a site, you work on it even if you are not into it on certain days.

    The reading, and learning is the easy part, applying successfully, and the grinding work that comes with a limited budget is the hard part.

    Right time for a bath, and get to bed early.

    Thanks to everyone that has shown an interest so far. :)