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    (Just in case it comes up, yes this is something I posted elsewhere. I hope that does not make this count as a bad post or raise any flags. My aim is only to learn. And to do so I reach out to all the resources available to me. If this is for some reason frowned upon in anyway, please feel free to remove this. I really don't think this should be against any rules or anything but I have been wrong on occasion before. And I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for the people and knowledge here so I would not risk that for anything. Disclaimer over, on with the journey.)

    My journal may not be like all the journals out there as I do not have a current plan or specific goal. My plan is to make money, my goal is to succeed.

    I'd like to take a moment though to give a little personal background. I have used the name Phoenix7813 for several years now. It's not just a cool handle to me. It is me. For those that aren't aware, the Phoenix is a mythical bird that (in some mythologies) is immortal. Instead of just dying, the Phoenix curls itself into it's nest and ignites into a ball of fire. From the ashes the Phoenix is reborn again. This is very significant to me because I have lived so many different lives. I have been in the US Navy, homeless, had a great 'corporate job', lost that and had no other option than to work at Wendy's. I look back and see how I have 'reinvented' myself so many different times. Now the clever segue to internet marketing.

    I have tried several methods. All of them have been zero to very very little investment. I have failed completely. I have made some change with some methods. I have made over $100 with a method. I have struggled through little to no success. And I have set aside methods as 'not right for now'. The point is that I don't ever give up. There will never come a day when I think "I can't do this". My view will always be that I can do anything. Perhaps I don't have the right tools or knowledge to do a particular thing right now... but that is a temporary condition. If one person can do it, so can I.

    If you read this far... thanks. I'm sure a lot of folks just want the meat and potatoes. Forgive me for I am a story teller at heart. (I have 3 fiction novels sitting in my head waiting for the day I have the time and stability to write them.)

    Currently the methods that I have been employing are as follows:

    Tumblr/pay per click site - ~$2/day (likely to drop)
    - Create blog. Mass upload and tag pictures. Do a bit of internal and external promotions. Move along.
    When I first started with this method I was happy if I made .50c per day. Now I am averaging around $2 per day.
    Essentially all I do is create an pay per click link to my blog home page and use that as the clickthrough link on all my pics.
    I've experimented with throwing in CPA offers and using other banner advertising but no real outstanding results there. It's my view that the majority of Tumblr bloggers are not buyers. (I could be wrong on that and have just not found the right niche.)

    Fiverr/Social Networking sites - ~4/week
    - Create accounts at sites like YouLikeHits, AddMeFast etc. Build up some initial credits. Sell these likes, +1's, views etc via Fiverr.
    This is somewhat new for me but I've completed a few orders already with no big troubles. Because I am a newer seller I expect that my returns are not as great as they could be but since it takes me very little work I will persist with this. My theory is that as I begin to rack up sales more will pour in as my reputation increases. What bothers me about this method though is the relatively small returns on it and how long it takes money to clear through Fiverr.

    Freelance Writing - $50/week
    - Write for pennies per word for 2 years. Branch out to private clients. Earn $15 for a 250 word article.
    That summary is (hopefully) obviously a joke. Writing has always been my passion and I have always had the desire to 'be a writer'. I started writing for textbroker while I had a full time job. The pay rate is so low there and the content that folks request is off the wall. I finally started searching out private clients about a year ago and realized that I could command a much higher rate than what I was getting from textbroker. I have a few steady clients now. But the bottom line is always balancing out the time I spend on a project versus how much it pays. So now I'm a bit more picky with clients. I cannot bring myself to work for 50c/100 words writing about hardwood doors or whatever random thing a client needs. Thankfully, one of my clients is a movie review blog and they give me steady work. I love movies and could write about them all day and not get bored. It's a great client, just wish I had more like that because the most I can make with them is $50 per week.

    Now back to the mythology. This morning I got a notice from Tumblr that my main blog (~2000 daily views) got banned for *pam/affiliate marketing. I am fighting it because I have done nothing that I haven't seen done on tons of other blogs there. I don't hold out much hope though. I expect that if I want to continue with the Tumblr/pay per click method I will have to move my focus from my main blog to one of the several other blogs I have running. (The main one just happened to hit with a lot of people and gained the most followers/views.) I kind of find it funny that only one of my blogs was banned when I am doing the same exact thing with 9 other blogs (4 of which have the exact same subject and layout).

    Combine the ban with the fact that I am 2 months behind on rent and under pressure to bring in money every single day... I fill it is time for a ball of fire/rise from the ashes. I'm looking for new methods that pay quickly and don't rely upon risky methods. I am definitely not above doing things the wrong way or using illicit methods but I am trying to build a stable reliable income. One where I won't have to worry about waking up to ban notices.

    If I had to set a number goal I would say I would like to earn $200/week. If I can make more, fantastic. But I could live off $200/week.

    Some new methods that I have been considering:

    - Using microworker type sites to have people fill out CPA offers/signups/etc. I have in the past worked with someone who did this. I responded to an add for 'simple online tasks' and was paid a couple bucks for each survey or site I signed up for etc. Now that I see the other side of the fence I realize that person was probably making 10-20 for every sign up I did. I can do that.
    *I've been doing some reading and it seems this isn't a good method because the CPA networks can find the leads fraudulent and not pay you. Unless I read some convincing argument to the contrary or find some method around this, I don't think I will be trying this.*

    - Working backwards. In the past my theory was to create blogs to bring viewers then find a way to monetize them. One thing that occurred to me is that I can work the other way. I can search for a decent product on Clickbank and come up with a blog that relates to that topic.

    - Micro Niche Sites. Bit iffy on this one as I have zero experience and it costs money for hosting/domain. But from everything I have read with a bit of research and work it shouldn't be too hard to create a simple adsense site. It's a bit of a gamble but given all the great information available on creating sites like this it seems pretty doable. On the other hand millions of others think the same thing. *shrug*

    I would really appreciate some feedback/input. If there is an awesome thread on one of these methods please link me. Trust me, I do a lot of searching here. Sometimes you just can't see the connections. Just as an example, with my Tumblr/pay per click method just a few weeks ago I 'discovered' that I can post my pay per click links on Clist. Might seem like a no brainer but the connection just never hit. One day I was just trolling through the rants and raves section when it hit me that there are a ton of people posting random pics of girls. So I post... "All these chicks are old and fat... check out my blog where hot young girls post their nudes. <pay per click link>" Bam... up to $2 per day on pay per click site.

    Can't see the forest from the trees. So if you see something that I'm missing please let me know. Or if you know of a zero investment method that you are sitting there thinking 'why doesn't this guy just...?' PLEASE let me know. :p My friends agree with my personal assessment that I am half genius half retard. Heh.

    Anyway. I will update this as I attempt to implement new methods and make progress with my existing ones.