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[Journey] My Massive Wordpress Autoblogs Installer Php Script, I Make Money On Autopilot

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by chrisking, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. chrisking

    chrisking Junior Member

    Feb 24, 2009
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    Fulltime IM White, Grey, Blue and Blackhat
    Hi, I am already busy with building a new php script to massive auto install wordpress sites.
    Because I still think real fun black hat stuff is building auto blogs/sites, which earn money on autopilot.
    But I don't see very much people in here doing stuff like writing their own code, to spam the google search results.
    I love to automate stuff, and writing code, it gives me a very good feeling :)
    Also it doesn't feel like work! When I am busy with some php script, time flies!

    If you do this auto blog/site right, I think you can earn a lot of money on autopilot, which I already do.
    The only nasty thing is you can earn very good. But within a second you can be banned massivly! And earn nothing anymore...
    One good tip! Keep a money buffer, for bad months!
    Here is a quick history about what I have already done:

    2 years ago I started my first auto blog/site script, which is still running today, with a lot of new updates :)

    This big network still earns me a lot of money each month, but there was a lot of trouble.
    Almost every 3 months there was a big crisis.
    Because google updated their algoritm and hit me very hard each time.

    Most of my domains last only 1 month, before they will be banned.
    But the good news is the websites earn enough in that month, so I can go on.

    The current version of my auto blog/website script generate very random websites, including very templates, stylesheets and html source.
    So that there is almost no footprint.
    It also auto registers a domain, orders a hosting package for it, and then installs my auto blog/site script.

    Even the hosting, dns and whois nowdays is a massive footprint, but I also tackled this nowdays, but this was a very big crisis for me a year ago :)
    The big footprint for me now, are the affiliate links, because google probably can see my affiliate code comming back on every website.

    Also the texts of every post, is one from a very big database I created.
    So on other domains the same texts will appear, and is a big footprint too.
    But I tested it with auto generated texts, but then the conversion drops to a very low point.

    Right now I can rank a website very good for almost a month, before it will be banned, but it pays off :)
    A year ago, I was almost crying when my network of auto blogs/sites was banned, nowdays its normal.

    Now I am busy with a massive wordpress installer script.
    Why would you ask if I have already a good working script?

    My first script showed my some very intresting results.
    It completly installs 4 domains a day.
    Within a week they will be indexed and receiving traffic, and making money.
    But within a month they will be banned.

    So I thought, l want to earn more, so install more domains a day.
    I doubled it from 4 domains a day to 8 domains a day.

    Then I saw something weird happening.
    The more domains a day I installed, the faster they where banned.
    With installing 8 domains a day, all installed domains where banned within 14 days!!!

    So there is some footprint threshold or something in the google algoritm??? Which I was hitting faster!!!
    I put it back to 4 domains a day, and now it stays in google for 1 month again.

    My plan right now is to create a new script which installs wordpress websites on autopilot.
    Maybe this way I can have this script also installs 4 new domains a day, based on wordpress.
    To double my money again, without my old script getting banned faster.

    The nice thing about wordpress is that there are soooo much templates and plugins to elminate footprints.
    Maybe its possible for me to install 10 new domains a day without getting banned very fast, and last at least a month withing google :)

    My plan now it to keep a journal, for myself and you, to dicipline myself to inform the bhw people, and to do what I should do, because I made a commitment to you and myself.
    I never did a journal before, but I know people here on bhw are intrested in my information, so this also keeps me motivated to keep working on it.

    Here some information what I already did and builld :

    - wordpress auto login function, so my script can change settings and publish content.
    - Set Wp General Settings function, to edit the site tile and tagline
    - Set Wp Reading Settings function, to random set : "Blog pages show at most", "Syndication feeds show the most recent", "For each article in a feed, show"
    - Set Wp Discussion Settings function, to random site commenting settings and avatars
    - Set Wp Permalinks Settings function, to random set the permalinks structure

    - Random theme upload and activate function, which uploads and activate a random theme from a template directory with thousands of wordpress templates

    - Auto Plugin Downloader, Install and Activate function, Give this function a search term like : "google site map", and it installs a sitemap plugin for wordpress
    Within the future I will create a list of usefull wordpress plugins like : sitemap plugin, seo plugin, related posts plugin or most viewed posts plugin.
    Then for every new wordpress installation, it random choose some plugins from the list, and install and activates them.

    Right now I am busy with my to do list.
    When its done I will post it here.

    If you got some tips or questions, just let me know.
    Sorry for my bad English, it's not my native language...
    But I think most people understand what I mean ;)
  2. popzzz

    popzzz Supreme Member

    Apr 12, 2009
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    Don't touch the REP!

    If you make four per day that last a month, how long do they live if you only create ONE per day?

    Enjoy ..... :cool2: