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Journey into building my company.

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by BenPaolo, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. BenPaolo

    BenPaolo Junior Member

    Apr 21, 2010
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    This would ultimately be my log as I've figured that having people watch over what I'm doing will be enough motivation to be able to work efficiently. As the title says, my end goal would be to establish my own company under this name, Media Foundry Co., which would have various properties under my belt and be able to provide SEO, SMM & PPC marketing to offline businesses in my country. I'm starting off however from square one without any SIGNIFICANT experience on the said fields aside from the readings I have done before hand. So, this would totally be a very long journal. Yes, I'd be trying each method that I think would yield significant results/learning experiences which I can apply once I register my company offline.

    My current vision for my sites would be a offline+online hybrid where the main income would be from brick and mortar businesses. I'd be discussing in FULL DETAIL how I would establish these websites. Why? Because I don't have prior experience as said before. I guess the best insights I'd get would be from the readers of this journal, barre the regurgitated information that I'd probably get also. Got to filter all those things out!

    I'm still a student so funds would be tight. I bet there wouldn't be more than 500 USD that would be available for me to use in any given amount of time until my projects mature (which would be more than 3 months down the road). Just got to strap in and make most out of what I have and what I can find. Having said that, I do have some tools just recently acquired which I think would give me the most out of my money.

    • GSA Suite
    • Followliker Instagram Bot
    • 2 VPS (SolidSeoVps) & (RunAbove)
    • SEO List Builder
    • And some free tools and some "free tools". (Yes, please don't lecture me. I'm going to pay for them once I get some cash rolling in. I hate how much hassle these "free tools" can give you once they age a little.)

    How about mini goals?

    Like I said, this journey isn't so much about the money but of the gradual construction of a company. I guess my goal right now is to be able to reach Page 1 of Google for a particular set of keywords that I would be targeting in my first affiliate (offline+online) site in under 3 months. Why such the rush? Because the first website would be under the travel/lifestyle niche and thus traffic fluctuates LARGELY during peak seasons (think of more than 12,000 searches for the top keyword. That is according to the Keyword Planner). My plan is to monopolize this because if I miss this, it would be another 2 months before the next peak.


    This would be my flagship site as 'I'm into the finer things in life' even though I don't have that much personal money that the lifestyle requires. One can fake until he reaches it right? Aside from that, I do know some people in the Hotel & Restaurant business who I can propose business with.

    GENERAL INFO about the Site.

    I'm aiming for a hybrid between tripadvisor/booking/expedia site and a blog. I'm not sure if you can picture it out but I'm seeing this site ultimately as an informal version of the said sites above. Some thing which young people can approach to, where I would have guest writers talk about their passion (while getting paid for it by me) in my site. There isn't much competition yet in my country (when I say competition, I say that in an SEO Perspective) in any field except technology even though like 60-80% of the population is connected to the internet already.


    Minor and fluff content would be written by me mostly to save on the cost but for major pages like reviews as well as landing pages, I have hired two of my friends for the work. They're very good at writing and both have been featured in publications nationally. I'm going to pay around 1-3$/100 words which is pretty cheap (friend's price) for the quality of work that they would be providing. Thinking of partnering up with one of them for a 90:10 split since she's a really good closer. I swear she was made for marketing but went on to another field of work.


    Money would come from paid reviews, commission from bookings (I'm still thinking whether to go with TripAdvisor, Agoda or Booking. I also want to directly earn commission from the establishment but I'd have to keep that for the future. I still need to gather data to sell them the idea and also need to establish rapport.), selling souvenirs and various items (I'm planning to hire another friend of mine to create a design for a shirt) and also build a list.

    I project that income would mostly come from paid reviews once I start dominating the SERPs that they are in. A passive 200$ per hotel a month would add up quite quickly. Again only competition I have right now is TripAdvisor and Agoda (TripAdvisor being always number one for local tourist spots) and as I'm going to be an affiliate for one of them anyways, just placing a cookie for the commission would be enough. Number 2 sounds nice to me.

    Site Structure

    I'm going to label my site structure as a deep silo structure. Not necessarily wide, but rather deep. Here's an image to the structure. All of them would be done in pages for finer control except for the blog part itself. So I'll probably spend the following days in hacking the theme making it silo'ed. A help from someone who knows how to properly silo would be appreciated.


    More about the site and link building once I start building the structure and finish the theme hacking.

    Current Goal for this Week:
    • Get the site up, install every plugin needed.
    • Finish the theme hacking.


    Second Project would be the creation of large profiles in two particular social networking sites, namely Twitter & Instagram. I'd like to get into Tumblr and Pinterest also but I don't have any automation tools for Tumblr. Pinterest is still a mystery to me on how everything works. I just started using it so I hope an idea sparks later on. I'd be taking a different approach to Pinterest, going for the quality>quantity route. A single business account approach rather than multiple accounts.

    I chose Instagram primarily because I think and feel that it's just ripe for picking. I haven't encountered any marketing ploys yet in my personal feed and believe me, I follow a lot of people. I think it has a lesser saturation of marketers than any other social networking sites out there. The network is 'graphic' more than the other major players and this means I have a greater chance of getting a person's attention.


    • Current plan is to sell shoutouts once the account grows big enough. (I would also be direct messaging my followers and bigger accounts once it is big enough.)
    • Sell products if applicable to the niche.
    • Build an email list just because.
    • Build Instagram & Twitter Accounts for various brands, may they be offline or online.
      • This is what I ultimately want to become because it integrates well with my end goal of building an SEO, SMM and PPC Marketing Company.
    • Content Locking using CPA Lockers when giving away legit giveaways.

    The Setup
    • About 5 accounts per niche to cover every sub niche worth making an account for. This means if I'm going for the Animal Niche, I'd build an account for Dogs, Cats, Some Cute Animal, Some Cute Animal, Some Cute Animal. For the Female Niche, I might go for Dress, Shoes, Bags, Make Ups, Girly Hobbies and stuff.
    • Every time I make an account in Instagram, I'll be making the same account with the same information in Twitter.
    • Use IFTTT to automatically post images from the instagram account to the twitter account.
    • I live in a country where prepaid sims are everywhere, so verifying the accounts would not be a problem.

    Current Goal
    • Build 1 Profile for both Twitter & Instagram a day!
    • Grow the account until it reaches 15,000 followers and then I'll start participating in Shout for Shout exchanges.
    • Buy prepaid sim cards in bulk. Probably going for a hundred right now, it's the smallest package they have and would cost me 25 USD in total. Going for 3 accounts per sim card so I believe this would last me a year or so.

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  2. Toboe

    Toboe Registered Member

    Sep 8, 2014
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    Following, good luck on your journey my friend :)
  3. richestmaninbabylon

    richestmaninbabylon Junior Member

    Jul 26, 2014
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    Getting It
    Wow on the planning. Always a great start. Good luck, update on any head way?
  4. eveneven

    eveneven Regular Member

    Oct 6, 2013
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    I would start the company straight away ... Even if you make a few 1000$ it's usually way more beneficial to take it through a ltd than over your personal income (I don't know how it works in the states), but several nations in Europe allows you to start a company with barely any shareholders capital.

    You can also deduct rent, electricity, gas, heating, water, internet, cell phone, home phone, computer gear, food, travel .....

    It's also much more orderly to have your money and the company's money -- as opposed to your finances being the company's finances, which is what will be the case if you take it as personal income.

    Anyways, just some friendly advice.

    Good luck!
  5. ramnath

    ramnath Regular Member

    Jan 28, 2012
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    Great stuff on the planning mate !!

    Good luck :)
  6. xrfanatic

    xrfanatic Regular Member

    Aug 28, 2010
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    Home Page:
    Seems like a solid plan , hopefully everything goes the way it should ! Subscribed !
  7. redbandit

    redbandit Power Member

    Sep 30, 2014
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    wow haven't seen a detailed journey plan as this, you have won half the battle!
  8. akhilvf

    akhilvf Newbie

    Feb 6, 2015
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    Good luck op bookmarked for further reading