[Journey?] How good VPS/Dedicated for FollowLiker?

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    This is'nt exactly a Journey, but it was the best word I could figure out for the purpose of this thread.

    Reason for this thread:

    I been having having some problem to figure out exactly how goot server I need for my accounts. And Followliker is also eating ram, when talking with FL support asking how good server I will need to run 2000 acc's I get the answer "Any decent didicated server will be good enought" but I dont agree with that.. I have also seen alot of questions her on BHW like "How good server will I need to run X accounts?" and also seen a few guys having the same problem as me: That FL is not able to run all the set tasks in one day, even if CPU and RAM is'nt running at 100% when to many accounts/projects are loaded. Here the FL team says that it would help to devide the accounts in to more projects, and that do help atleast a bit.

    Don't missunderstand me:

    I love FL and would recommend it to anyone especially for Instagram and Twitter. It's just annoying that you have no idea how good server you need and at the same time you dont want to waste more money then needed on server.

    Purpose of this thread:
    The purpose of me starting this thread is to give people an idea on how good server you need. Ofcourse the matter of tasks your accounts are preforming but as I said, atleast this will give you an idea of what you need. (my accounts on average runs every 10-20min and do only scrape,like,follow,unfollow and post) I am also in the middle of scaling up one of my methods so therefor I will be able to "test" FL's resources. I have just updated my VPS for the third time, and have started to add the accounts/projects again.

    CPU: 2 vCores
    Ram: 2GB
    Accounts: 2 projects, 20 accounts/project.

    CPU: 4 vCores
    Ram: 4GB
    Accounts: 4 projects, 20 accounts/project

    VPS3: (Current setup! More accs will be added)
    CPU: 6 vCores
    Ram: 8GB
    Accounts: 1 project 18 accs
    Usage: CPU: 0-5% Ram: 40-45%

    Last words:
    I hope this thread will be to use for someone. And as I said I am currently scaling up a method so I will be on dedicated resource level pretty soon. I will update this thread every time when I got some time over, or atleast right before I upgrade.

    Best regards / Snatch

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    How are you posting content to the 20 accounts on the vps? Bluestacks + proxy?
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    hey i saw your post. i posted earlier about running 5 projects on my home pc and my cpu is maxed out at 100%. i tried a vps but it was just to much of a hassle to transfer all my files and folders over since i have over like 100 in all different places on my pc. did you have that problem and also do you think there is a computer on the market that can handle the tasks you are asking it to do? i am also scaling up.