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Journey From First HTML Page To Full Stack Developer

Discussion in 'General Programming Chat' started by James Tora, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. James Tora

    James Tora Registered Member

    Jan 10, 2019
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    I remember the day,exactly 8 years ago, when I created my first HTML page. It was the first step in the development world. I was not aware of this forum at that time.Faced many difficulties in the journey.So, i want to share all my experiences with my BlackHat mates.

    • Just try to grab the latest technology as your first sword. Never go for any already obsoleted tool or which is going to be in near future.
    • Try to be in touch the upcoming and trending tools and technologies.
    • Don't switch to the next technology immediately. It may create a bottle neck. Utilize your extra hours to grab the new one.
      • Q) How to know what programming language or tool is trending?
      • A) Be in touch with the ratings released by PYPL and TIOBE.(I personally prefer these)
      • Q) From where to start grabbing the new technology?
      • A) Remember, the best platform to understand the basics and grab the technology is the documentation provided by the official website.After that, you can go for any free aur paid video tutorials. If ask me, i prefer video tutorial.
    • Use the most automated editor. Customize it according to your needs. Install necessary packages. Use short cut keys. I was sublime lover , but than converted into PHPStorm.
    Few tips regarding writing the code:

    • Try to write DRY code (Do not Repeat Yourself)
    • Use Object Oriented Approach
    • Always comment your code properly. It will help you debugging.
    • Leave your code better than you found.
    • Don't proceed, if your are not satisfied with your code. As it is self satisfaction that shines your code.
    Thanks for reading my journey. Maybe it will not be helpful for all, but if only 1 person got direction from this, i will think i got success.