Journey for starting my life (White hat)

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    Good day all dear readers, IM friend and, hopefully, journey followers. I am creating this topic not to share my knowledge nor to motivate you. I am starting this thread as a way to help myself to achieve goals. However, I am asking you one big favor. Push me forward, and as a return, I will share my WhiteHat methods.

    So, next year I am beginning my study program in Public Relations, Marketing, Events in UK. However, to successfully study there I would need a hell lot of money, which at the moment I don't have. All I got is an experience in IM and much time spent on all kind of projects. Basically I know how everything works here, but, yet, never was really ready to start a project on my own.

    When today I started counting my budget for first study years, I found that I will need around of 3960 pounds for university's cheapest accommodation alone. And what to talk about food, books, laptop (it would be a great idea to finally upgrade my pretty "young" ~8 years old PC), etc..

    In short, there are 3 primary goals:
    • Balance: 0/3960GBP(5873$)
    • Weekly: 0/200$
    • Improve writing skills

    Oh, yes yes, I hear you screaming: "WHOAWWWW? 6k$? How are you planning to get it so fast?" Well, my dear reader, if you didn't notice yet, I still didn't name the primaries goal deadline. This journey is live until winter. But let's add up some drama, some more goals (with earlier deadlines):

    GOAL named SummerTimeSadness (until summer):
    Balance: 0/500$

    I am taking such small step for this period because exams are coming and well, first money, as we know, is hardest to earn.

    Tommorow, I will share my method, but for now, going back to work. Wish me luck!
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    Looking forward to keeping up with you on this journey. Best of luck to you! I do wish for you to succeed.
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    A bit about my method. Month 1 - starting TUMBLR blog.

    I began from the start, from the totally starting point. So this journey begins from the traffic generating.

    Well, I had an unused domain. So I thought that I should start from starting the website. So. I chose... You may ask: "TUMBLR? Wait what? Tumblr? Not WordPress cms with a self-hosted plan? Are u drunk?"

    Yes, I have chosen TUMBLR for several reasons.

    First of all, today's project niche isn't as GOOGLE SEO friendly as you may think as I am doing the personal blog. Many believes that it's over-saturated niche, however, I have a pretty long-term plan and hope the best. Also what else I like more about TUMBLR is that you don't need to publish 3-4 articles/week with over 600words each and build links.Sometimes it is just too hard to keep that pace. To post several interesting posts with less than 200 words in total is the much easier task for me. In short, I love that I don't need to do SEO and can simply free my creativity.

    Secondly, I get instant results. Following other blogs help me to build audience really fast. At the moment, I'm hitting 50 followers point. My average post got 2-4 actions (Likes/Reblogs). Also speaking about follows/followers. It helps me to build the pretty targeted and close audience. Which later will be great for monetizing.

    Last, but not least. What could be better than watching shitloads of gorgeous, beautiful pics when working?
    TUMBLR Followers: 48;
    TUMBLR Posts: 16;
    MEDIUM Posts: 1;

    Affiliates stats:
    Didn't start yet.
    Grammarly: 0.2$ (Recommended for a friend and he registered).

    What's else?:

    • Filled my CV;
    • Send application for several apprenticeships;
    • Finally completed LinkedIN profile


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