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    $36k in 365 days...

    New here from Chicago, IL and well experienced in offline marketing. I like being vulnerable, being held accountable and alot of what I do is feelings-based. I have the greatest luck by getting personal and selling in person. That's what my journey is about.

    I'm an introverted extrovert who was crippled from perfectionism in the past. I keep a small group of friends and it had me stagnant while life was passing me by. I still can't talk to them about ideas I'm giving life to because their response is always to get a JOB. I quit my job because I was tired of being a slave, plus I don't have $40,000 in student loans to pay off.

    It absolutely got to me, as I've lost out on at least $8k this year and sometimes wish I had another foot to kick myself in the butt. My debt is exactly $8,000.

    So the inspiration for my journey is personal and money motivated. I need to pay off $8k on my CC to get back to $15k available credit while making the majority of my income online. I want a challenge! I want to create challenges for myself but I will also accept legit challenges from you.

    I've come up with my motto that I will use online and offline. I usually start with #2 but sometimes #1 is necessary:

    1. Take a Blackhat method
    2. Whitehat hat it and cash out
    3. Show proof of payment
    4. Reinvest - on to the next one
    5. Repeat

    What I have occasionally done in the past:

    Resell on ebay, sell websites, do gigs on CL

    What I'm doing now:

    First off, I've throttled EVERYTHING in my life down including moved out of my apartment, to focus on 2.5 projects a month. The .5 is so I can remember to do menial tasks in my free time that will help next month's project move along smoothly. The following may sound WSOish but it's my November/December plan:

    1. I found a new MLM company that is bursting at the seams with new signups and already has a massive network. So many women want in that they are throttling sign ups. They are lacking branded gear. I reproduced the logo and made a t-shirt that's going on stupidBay. I want to sell at least 6 everyday by December 15th. I signed up as a casual seller so that I have enough legitimacy to not infringe.

    2. Bought 2 domains. One is a dead yet brandable trademark that can be used across multiple industries and the other a generic b2c term based on your sexual preference. I'm not like that but equality is alive and always a hot topic.

    2.5 My 90 day challenge is to sell $800 in domains in order to file a registered trademark for the 2 names. Cost? $325/each

    Ideally, for my one year anniversary, one will be developed into a full-time salary and the other will be a Live Trademark with an amazing name with a legitimate product for good measure.

    More to come but those are current project of focus. Criticism welcome.
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    good luck!
    putting a logo on a tshirt that might be trademarked is blackhat and you will not be able to do that whitehat, unless you can setup a deal with the company behind the logo and paying them a commision. otherwise expect C&D letters
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    Seems like youv got quite some work on your hands....just keep at it and ul reach ur goal...persistance is the key+work smarter not harder!
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    Dallas, Texas
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    I clicked on this thread because I thought the username was "we can be herpes." Was disappoint, but nfl2011 did save!

    Also good luck OP.
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