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[Journey] A mini-soccer team

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by teranu, Nov 30, 2012.

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    Jan 12, 2012
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    From the start i want to tell you that i am not an English native speaker.

    Hello everybody, this is a different journey.A soccer team journey.Me and my friends started a soccer team in a friendly championship.The system has 6 Divisions, A the highest, F the lowest, 14 teams in each division. We play in E. The tactics are 6+1, we're playing on mini-soccer fields, about 50m long and 30m wide.We had about 10 games last season (we started late by taking the place of another team) and 13 games this season.

    The start of the season was pretty difficult, but we managed to come back and now he have a decent number of wins.Our main tactics is 3-2-1 but sometimes we play 4-1-1 when the opposite team is a better one. Two weeks ago we made personalized T-shirts with a nice logo and and name+number printed on back. We also collect a small fee from each player, every game, so we have small fund to spend sometime. Last time we bought a ball, paid the funds from 10 matches, but to be honest i don't think it will last for 10 games.It's a replica of the Champions League ball (the original one has a lot of problems too).

    Why i opened this topic?
    I want to build a site for our team.I'm thinking for now it's a MNS and works perfect on a wordpress platform.The site will have a page with all the player's profile and a page with all games review.What pages should i add more?If i upload pictures and videos, can i upload them to my host, or i should upload them elsewhere and link them to my site?I'm not building this site for money, but it would be nice not to spend money from my pocket for hosting.Also it would be even better if the site would generate enough revenue to pay for our weekly game ($20).

    But let's keep it real for now.I'm out of town at the moment i'm opening this thread, and also don't have enough money on paypal to purchase a .com domain.I hope Monday i can buy the website's domain and transfer it to my host.All your suggestions, tips, tricks and so on are welcome.We have a facebook page with our team, not sure if i can post the link here.

    I will post every game review here before posting it on my site.I would appreciate a lot if some native English people would help me out with corrections, especially at grammar.After correcting my article i will delete it from here and post it on my website.Will that be OK with google?

    P.S.: i hope we will get some fans here too ;)