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Journey 2 World Domination..

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by M Shol, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. M Shol

    M Shol Newbie

    Aug 16, 2016
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    Sept 2015: Project Start

    Almost a year ago now on the month of September 2015 I started a project named MR GUIDEE..

    About three years prior to that I was actively creating and selling digital products throughout online communities as a 16 year old..

    A year ago I was thinking..why not develop a website that I could use to publish and promote my products and then drive traffic to it from these communities and most likely Social Media..

    I had an idea of a way to gather traffic to this website by posting solutions to certain problems whether it's fixing your old rig, resolving your mobile phone's problems and other issues that I would publish solutions to, upload a YT video/share them on social media, and gain traffic that way which would ultimately lead users to explore the eBook marketplace.

    Oct 2015: Project Development/Funding

    Now there was some work that needed to be done and a couple of zeros to spend on development. I reach out to a potential investor which was interested in funding the project, not only because of the idea, but because of my past history with selling online. After a couple of meetings the investor suddenly dropped out and I did not reach out at this point. I had understood by now that he could not see the potential in the idea, and maybe he was right.

    I managed to scrape up and borrow some money to get this project funded.

    Dec 2015: Project Dev Update

    At this point it was decided that the platform wouldn't be based on solely my products but also the digital books of any publisher. Guider System was developed (Publisher = Guider) where users could sign up and become Guiders and freely publish their products on the platform.

    After a few setbacks the project was fully developed and Mr Guidee was ready to be launched in January 2016.

    Jan 2016: Launch

    In January 26th I launched Mr Guidee and the focus here was to put out some quality solutions and articles that could build up traffic to the website. We had also published a few eBooks of our own for free and we had a few downloads here and there.

    The goal is to have a useful distribution channel for eBook writers that delivers the right exposure for their products without sucking the profits out of their hard work. I believe that the eBook market is so much bigger than what people portray it to be and that it will only grow to be much larger despite all the criticism.

    Summer 2016: Paid Products

    At this point it was time to gain the attention of publishers and also get some paid products published on the platform.

    So far we have one publisher that has published atleast 9 Paid Ebooks on the platform. So far, only a few dollars have been made. We would literally be better of by saying Zero. Haha.

    Basically this summer is being spent on gaining maximum exposure through Social Media whether it's from creating and publishing more content on the website, gaining traffic from videos on YouTube, and driving attention via Facebook Ads/Online communities.

    I am broken but I will keep going because this platform means so much more to me than everything in this world. I wouldn't put anything or anybody infront of it. Mr Guidee is all that I have and I mean it with every fiber of my being.

    The plan is to attract publishers but in order to that they want exposure and customer base that would pay them for their time and valued effort. By now I have realized that this is so much harder than what I had expected it to be a few months back and I probably should have never underestimated the path, but here we are and we're here to stay.

    To be continued...

  2. LoftPower

    LoftPower Elite Member

    Feb 23, 2015
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    Best of luck to you on this this journey, OP!