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    Okay, I want to start an Amazon journey with what I have already done and what I plan to do. I don't really use blackhat techniques and this website will be completely free from blachat techniques. I want to see if Matt Cutts is right when he says that all you need is good quality content. I do not expect any backlinks to occur as people rarely, if every backlink in this niche. I am selling products in the sex toy niche and I have categories for all products, this won't be a micro website and I plan to have 1500+ products in a couple of months, all with unique hand written descriptions.

    What I have so far:
    Amazon affiliate website made with wordpress and woocommerce
    About 20 products already on there, all with unique hand written descriptions
    A sex logo made by Aneekalam

    What I need to do:
    Just add more products, write descriptions and pray for traffic

    So far, I have made $1.20 from the website with 20 unique clicks through to Amazon.