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    I'm starting this journey to give myself that much needed motivation to work hard and consistently till I achieve the said target. I've used some pretty solid SEO services here to rank my property websites and though the money is good in terms of commission, it's really a tedious job to handle clients and managing their expectation in this property bubble.

    I am inclined to start an authority website as what BassTrackerBoats has done (he's really good at it and he's generous in his tips - read his journeys, you won't regret it) but I am planning to go ahead with Clickbank first to generate some revenue. I plan to use the SEO methods I implemented to my property websites to this Clickbank website and aim to capture organic traffic from there.

    In case you wanna read his thread, click here.

    By the way, I'd only post after I've done my work and not before that. I'd try to be as specific as possible but like what BTB said, I'm not going to leave a footprint for others to follow or Google may catch up on it. Alright. Here it goes:

    What I've done today:

    1. Bought a fresh domain
    2. Pointed to my hosting server
    3. Installed wordpress
    4. Installed a free theme
    5. Changed the colors
    6. Changed the fonts
    7. Changed the footer
    8. Wrote 900+ words for homepage
    9. Create new post category
    10. Select niche to go for
    11. Select product on Clickbank (Gravity less than 120)
    12. Fired up market samurai, insert keyword
    13. Decided on which keywords to use
    14. Decided on which LSI keywords to use
    15. Wrote 600+ review w/pictures
    16. Inserted hoplink (I didn't cloak it)
    17. Installed All in One SEO
    18. Signed up for Aweber
    19. Did up my sign up form on Aweber
    20. Wrote my follow up message on Aweber

    Okay, quite exhausted now. I'd continue to grind till I make it. I won't be replying to any queries only after my next update. And as what all the IM experts in BHW say, take massive action.

    And a reminder to myself: