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    So after losing my job nine months ago i decided to try my hand at IM. Like most i failed for all the classic reasons. After a few weeks i manage to scrap some tiny amounts of cash but nowhere near the payment threshold for any site. Again i failed and turned my focus to making money the old fashion way working for it. Now that i am working i just happen to check an old adsense account and saw it was bringing in about $3/month on 1800 organic views with no blogs. Its like they say get the views and the clicks will come. Seeing this the first thing that came to mind was scale. So now with my current job i can manage my sites all day long so i am going the authority route. Unfortunately my coding is very bad but at the pace of one page a day i can have two very through sites by the end of the month. I have read all the method threads and now that i am not in a panic about bills i can properly implement them. On top of blog sites i will be doing some content locking and maybe some IM management for local companies. So in two weeks i will update with my earnings.