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Joint Ventures / Member partnerships

Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions & Feedback' started by Apricot, Jul 31, 2015.

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    We keep getting the same problem with Joint Ventures and partners offering marketplace services.

    When something goes wrong in a partnership, too often partners will happily throw a close friend under the bus to avoid any trouble. I'm losing count of the replies I get like this:

    "It wasn't me that broke the rules, it was my partner who did it. I just help run the service and get the benefits and money from it, why am I in trouble?"

    So, to make it very clear. BOTH partners are responsible for the WHOLE service. From promotion, bumping, delivery, review, right through to support - if rules are broken then BOTH partners will held accountable and BOTH will be penalised.

    For the people saying "I'm not a partner, I just answer queries" - this isn't relevant. If your name is on the thread as a contact for the service, you're counted as a partner. If you have at any point replied to customers on the thread about the service - you are a partner. If you have 5 people helping you out on a sales thread, that's fine, but if ONE of them breaks the marketplace rules I may choose to infract everyone.

    From now on, when I approve Joint Venture threads, I'll post an outline of this so everyone is aware. Basically, if you go into partnership with someone, you are trusting them with your good name, your business and your bhw account. You need to be certain that they are worthy of that trust.
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