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    Hi all,

    I am an experienced Internet marketer and I have a lot of good products that I am currently promoting. I know a lot about Internet marketing, SEO and I am a web developer (php) myself.

    I wish I can do everything but unfortunately I am not good in creatives. In addition I'd really love to get into creating professional/sales videos. I can plan, I can execute strategies, I can develop, but I can't design and do multimedia.

    Therefore I am looking for a JV who is a professional in design and multimedia. Here's a list of products I have:

    - A CMS system that allows users to create/manage unlimited number of adsense optimized websites, landing pages, squeeze pages in one place, along with many built-in advertising features.
    - A CMS system that allows users to create/manage unlimited number of reviews landing pages in one place.
    - Some custom advertising wordpress plugins.

    As a marketer myself I do have affiliate programs available for the products I promote. As a JV I can offer higher commission rates for you and include your business links to the templates for the CMS systems above so you will have good SEO in the long run. As a JV your affiliate link will be placed directly on the sales pages so we share all the revenue together.

    Anyways I do have a lot to offer and I think it'd be a great opportunity for both of us.

    I'm looking for serious people who are professionals in design and multimedia.

    PM me with your portfolio for further discussions.