[Joint Venture] Need a Telemarketer for Long-Term Business

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    I need a telemarketer who can phone local business owners to rent out ad space on my website. My website is similar to the one outlined here, but will target local used car dealerships. I'm currently in the stages of designing and doing SEO for my website. The next step is to make the pitch to local business owners. Unfortunately a great deal of these business owners don't respond to emails so phoning them, I'd imagine, would be more effective (this is where the telemarketer comes in).

    If we're able to lease out all of the ads on the page then we're looking at $1,000 USD per month. I plan on making more sites and eventually graduate to the rent-a-site model. This is a great opportunity for residual passive income......all I need is a salesman.

    Reply if interested.
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