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    I dont really have time to manage any of my affiliate accounts because of school.

    I have a good offer that will win you & me some money. I own a reputable CJ account, with tons of advertisers on board. I only do whitehat, and have received money before with no problems.

    The deal is I provide you with the links, you get the sales or leads, I receive the checks buy you a VISA prepaid CC with the amount that I owe you (up to $200 then I start buying multiple VISAs) you can put them in your paypal, moneybooker, ebay or simply spend it or cash it in your bank account.

    The rate is %50, provided that you can prove your ability to generate a lot of leads every single day without using blackhat techniques.

    I have offers from $0.70 to $65, E-mail submit offers, CC required offers, download required offers, & a lot more.

    Game, Fax, books, entertainment, surveys offers....

    About me, search my previous thread visit my Buy Sell, or Trade threads & ask people about me and you'll know .
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