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    Here is an idea I have, a website that's run like a company. The ones of you that read the end of the web report will know this. The Internet is getting a harder place for individuals to earn money. A lot of the big earners now have staff, and individuals simply can't match that! That's why I thought I would create a group of passionate entrepreneurs, and put them together for better results. The profits would be paid evenly between all the members. There would be a front up payment to cover a year of hosting and a domain. Depending on how many people are interested, the cost per person will change. The niche isn't chosen yet, and that would be largely up to the writer.

    If you are reading this at the moment, you have been hand-picked by me, to be a part of this company. Consider this option wisely.
    These are the positions available. If multiple people are interested, there doesn't have to be just one person for every position. The positions are:

    Writer- writes content for the site (Make suggestions on the niche)

    Designer/Coder- designs the site and does coding

    SEO- Does all the typical SEO

    Promotion and social media- everything involving getting traffic to the site

    Someone to receive the cheques and paypal me the money. (I will pay everyone*via paypal)

    Email marketer- someone with experience building a list and marketing products to them. *I don't have much experience with this.

    That's all the positions I am looking for. If there is anything I have forgotten please mention that. Again especially in the promotion and writing roles, it would be good to have multiple people. If someone wants to do two roles that's great as well.*
    Depending on the amount of people joining the way of paying will vary. If there aren't too many interested, I will split the profit evenly. But if you at the end have people doing multiple roles, it only makes sense for them to earn a higher %.

    I would like to know the best site, that we could chat about the details later. Not Skype because I think it should be all written. But if there are any ideas of where we could meet that would be great.

    This is maybe a bit of a optimistic project, but if it works it could be very rewarding. There will need to be a lot of trust, so I won't accept people that I don't see as trustworthy. I hope people can trust me although I haven't been a member for all that long. But if you don't, then that's fine. Don't joint this project.