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    Adspire AM
    We are looking for some good email pubs to join the rapidly growing Adspire Network.

    We do not openly accept affiliate applications as we are a private network, so this is your opportunity to be able to work with a network that understands what webmail affiliates need.

    Our team has been working with webmail affiliates for a long time and we can bring you the best offers, payouts and service for your business. One of the best things about working with us is that we know how your traffic is generated and we can ensure that our offers will be around for a long time. Members of our team have mailed themselves and we understand the challenges of not being paid because of a couple of complaints, this is not an issue with us.

    We have great offers for you to mail in several niches, including bizopp, grant, diet, teeth whitening, dating and ecig. Our offers convert great and we even have proprietary technology that insures that all of your clicks are monetized - even international clicks.

    At Adspire, all of our mailers are paid weekly from day one. We do not hold your payments as we understand that affiliates need to get paid quickly. We even have several offers with daily payouts. That means that you send traffic today, and we pay you tomorrow! We are also flexible with payment methods and can offer wire, check, ACH, xoom and western union. You getting paid is our top priority.

    Our dedicated team works relentlessly around the clock. As a lot of mailers are from around the world, we understand the importance of being able to contact an affiliate manager on your schedule. We can also work with you to provide ad copy, landing pages and even data.

    instant message me on aol at adspirekc or
    kc "at" adspirenetwork .c-o-m

    KC King
    Adspire Team
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    Is that network work? i looked at the advertiser links and i get 401 pages