[Join] FollowLiker Engagement Group 5K Plus (Actively Managed)

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    Hello all. I am starting an Instagram FL engagement group. If accepted I will send you the CSV to import that contains all the pages in the group.

    Before applying see the following...

    You must..
    Know how to use and navigate FL. Tech support will not be provided.
    Know how to import files into FL.
    Have at-least 5k followers.
    Have a reliable connection that can run FL 24/7.
    Reply to this thread after you apply to keep it active.

    Apply here

    Do NOT reply here with your skype, kik or IG page names. This is info you will provide in the application only.

    If accepted, you will be invited to my Skype FL group chat so please have Skype. You will then be provided with instructions and details. I will not provide instructions on how to use FL or how to import files so please do your research prior to applying.

    Thanks and I look forward to collaborating with you guys!
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