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    May 8, 2011
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    I am looking for someone who would be able to modify Jobberbase as well as a script I have also listed under the program for online courses- called ATutor. I've been attempting to make the changes, to no avail...actually, both of the scripts probably should be re-installed to their original state.

    For someone with the know-how, this will not be difficult and take minimal time. My expectations are for the site to have the features requested and function properly, with no errors, broken links, ect. I would also like it done within a week, which I think is totally do-able, but I am flexible, if for some reason it is not.

    There are no obvious script issues, I am just not learned enough to conquer it or research my way into knowing it. I wanted to do that, in order to avoid paying for the development. In light of other virtual investments, I don't want to invest more. I am willing to trade a domain name(s)/ website(s)/ and/or private software, which I am currently selling- for these modifications to be completed. All of them are great investments with real value. *If you happen to invest in antiques or collectables, I also have items for trade.

    Please reply if interested.