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Job Interview Homework Help!

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by Leodare, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. Leodare

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    Aug 23, 2013
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    Have any of you been in this situation before while applying for jobs and how do you handle it? Do you do the interview homework assignment or just refuse? I've been headhunted by one of the largest sports media brands and I've passed the first two rounds of interview. In spite of my side business, they are fine with it as long as I can commit to them office hours and their salary + equity is very attractive. Now some of you must be wondering why do I even want a day job when I have my own business. The reason being, I've always wanted to work for a sports media brand and getting to work with such a big brand and I could work directly with high-profile athletes to manage their brand is something I really relished, not to mention the massive networking potential.

    They gave me a homework assignment in the 3rd round and probably the final round of the interview. I'm fine with doing homework interview assignments as I've been a hiring manager as well and this is unconventionally the best way to gauge a candidate's competency. However, one measure I always use is to ensure that whatever homework I gave out, it has to be something generic. If the interview assignment is specific enough for the company to benefit from (like using your ideas and benefiting from it without hiring you), that's a red flag. Isn't the whole point of hiring someone for that job role? It's funny because in my last job, I passed the first 3 rounds of interview and in the fourth and final round, they gave me a program to code, with the project's specification intentionally vague. I did whatever they asked me to and submitted it within 3 hours. They requested for changes in the code. I did the code changes and submitted it to them in the next 2 hours. Then, they asked for another set of changes and I started to think I was being exploited. I told them that I have other interviews going on so I have to take a few days. They rang me up the next day and made me an offer. I wasn't so lucky in my first job interview. I just graduated back then and I was too eager to impress my hiring manager. They gave me an assignment to redesign their company's website. I did it and submitted to them. I didn't hear back from them until two weeks later I followed up with them and they told me that my design lacks creativity and rejected me. A week later, I found out that the design I submitted to them is being used. :lol:

    Before I was briefed and given this assignment, I expressed my concern to the HR that I'm not comfortable with this if its too specific and he assured me its something general.

    So this is the assignment they gave me.

    I really want this job badly so I just sucked it up, dug deep into the company's website, spent 2 days researching and working on a marketing strategy to tackle these scenarios. I submitted a lengthy 10 page report yesterday and I got an email this morning from them saying that my proposal lacked concrete plan, timeline, or performance-oriented tactics and I didn't provide specific budget, timeline, tools required. Isn't this the whole point of why you are hiring me for this role?

    I'm at my wit's end now so I'm looking for a great internet marketer who can understand things from the business and commercial sense now to help me out with this assignment. I will send $100 to your PayPal.