jman112 - need a refund!!

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Jul 23, 2012
He was supossed to deliver 1000 likes, he said that video is in the queue, after 4 days i still didnt received anyhitng. When i requested a refund, he said:



I don't want to share more info to public. I can send details by PM.
Please refund my transaction or ban this guy!

$15, thats still money!


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Where is the link to his profile?
Where are chat logs?
Where is the link to the thread where the deal was made?
Where are more proof besides that 1 picture which proves nothing?

1 - you should only buy from bhw approved sellers
thats users with a blue name

2 the user hasnt been logged in bhw in a week

3 wait for a mod
He still says that he delivered the service in the paypal dispute. I wish i could meet you on the street and just knock out your teeths.
ActivityYesterday 10:27 AM

Any moderator will take any action?
I know ScrapeboxWorker from some time and he did some work for me so im vouching for him if there's any problem.
we need to take action aganist scammers and BHW,more and more people are becoming victim to scamers.IT so happen it now one of my good friend"scrape" has been scam we need someone to take action and help scrape out.
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