Jewelry and gemstones (no diamonds) - basic demand question

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    Hi all -

    My brother has formed a company that is starting to cut gemstones and design jewelry. Due to my brother's time with US AID in Afghanistan (he went there to teach Afghanis how to cut gemstones) he formed some really good contacts. He's already importing from there and other places, but one of those relationships is going to start bringing a LOT more colored stones (specifically emeralds) to the US.

    The do not work with diamonds. They do work with just about everything else - sapphires, emeralds, rubies, topaz, and a bunch of them I can't even name.

    I've agreed to help him sell via the web but I was wondering if anyone else has worked in this space. My ideal sale would be wholesale or some type of drop-shipping arrangement. They are currently producing a catalog of stuff they can make on short notice (for example, rings) and ship. The markups are good so there's room for affiliates or other possible arrangements.

    Anyone work in this niche/space?
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    Good day,

    I would be interested in a catalog/additional information on the products. I did also visit the great country of Afghanistan a few years ago, although my business there was hunting down Talibs. Anyway, please hit me a pm when you find the time so that we can perhaps discuss some arrangement.
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    Hit me up with the price lists