It's really worth it trying to rank micro niche sites?

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    Here goes the story: (To understand it you may know that I work on Spanish websites MNS+Adsense+SEO for 1 year now)

    One day I woke up and said to myself: I'm going to start making big money!
    After some research on BHW (best IM forum) I realized that amazon is one of the best ways to get some $$$.

    So I said! Ok! Let's start.
    Then realized that amazon on Spain sucks, it's pretty new and don't have much products + Spanish people don't often buy from Internet
    Then I went to US amazon, awesome store! Lot's of products I sign up and started my research...

    Using Google keyword tool I searched for low competitive keywords with the help of SEO Quake in Spanish as I'm familiarized with that market
    to later "translate" it in to English market.(I wasn't looking for visits, just extremely low competitive keywords)

    Finally found a keyword, if I'm not wrong the keyword was "Professional table tennis racket" and exact searches/month were very low, but I didn't care I just wanted a super easy keyword to rank fast.

    On Spanish the top 10 results were something like this:
    PR1 - let's say a good store
    PR5 wikipedia (Easy to outrank as this goes for "Table tenis")
    n/a - no even Spanish (Spain), latino america, Venezuela
    n/a - no even Spanish (Spain), latino america, Venezuela
    n/a - no even Spanish (Spain), latino america, Venezuela
    PR2 youtube (a Table tenis random match lol)

    I said to myself, this is easy to get ranked even with blogger with no backlinks (I did the test, created a blogger blog with 1 article and 1 video)
    already like 5 visits per day, but not ranked. Then I search the same keyword but this time in English...

    English TOP 10 results:
    PR5 - professional authority store
    PR3 - aged/autorithy store
    PR0 - amazon LOL (LOL as i'm pretending to offer amazon product on my site)
    PR0 - amazon (double LOL)
    PR5 - butterfly (on of the most famous professional racket brand official website)
    PR0 - aged store

    I also tested with others keywords and the result is the same!

    So here goes the question again: It's really worth it trying to rank micro niche sites (for you US, UK sites owners)?
    How much do you invest on MNS?
    On Spanish market it's not really necessary invest on SEO I did invested once my sites get ranked and bring income, no risk.
    Some of you invest on articles + SEO, that's a lot of money + mantenience.

    So or I'm missing something or it's really hard to rank on English market.
    Thanks in advance for your answers!
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    No it should not be, although sometimes it is harder. Everyone speaks english, well almost everyone, and since it is like that more and more people will have english websites. This means the market is bigger which also means that you will have to be more competitive. Not saying it is impossible, I have a website earning me $30 a month for the past 12 months.

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