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Issues with URLs in WooCommerce

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by VersaceGod, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. VersaceGod

    VersaceGod Registered Member

    Jan 5, 2015
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    I need some advice on SEO for my WooCommerce website.

    My shop url is currently structured like this: "example.com/shop/"

    My product urls are currently structured like this: example.com/product/name-of-product/

    Currently no page exists for "example.com/product/" and I'm wondering what would be the best option for SEO. Here are the options I have:

    1. Change the product urls to "example.com/shop/name-of-product"
    2. Redirect "example.com/product/" to "example.com/shop/"
    3. Create a brand new page for "example.com/product/"
    4. Do nothing

    What would be the best course of action for SEO? And will it negatively impact my SEO for not currently having a page setup for "example.com/product/" even though it is used in the product permalinks.