Issues with Shopify, Payment Gateway and Stripe!

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    So, I'm facing quite a lot of issues with all of these. I feel like everything is against me...

    I will try to explain it briefly;
    Created a Store and as soon as I created Stripe account through shopify since it's shopify payment gateway, my account got cancelled. Didn't ask me anything, just cancelled my account. After multiple emails and live chats they enabled the account but disabled the Shopify Payment Gateway. Asked them about it multiple times why did they disable Payment Gateway they said it is because I'm not from USA.

    So now I intend to login from USA and ask them to enable it. But they will ask me about my SSN. What's the solution here? I have a USA bank account and since Stripe wants my ID as well I think giving them fake ID will solve the problem.

    If everything goes well I Just need to buy a domain name and everything is good to go. Please share your thoughts, methods and suggestions. I will use fake SSN and Fake US ID and can you please suggest me some good Payment Gateways as well? Including their rates if possible.

    Thanks for all the help you can give.
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    Dude SSN is a Tax ID number which only residents of USA can have,so how do you think you can fake it.There is no way around this problem,and if you try to fake it,they will catch you easily.It is better to register your store from your native country,and use the Payment Gateway options that are available there.
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    I have noticed people who cannot use shopify payments/Stripe quite often use 2checkout. As Stripe only allow residents of certain countries and fake ids is not a good idea for longterm biz