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    Hi there,

    Just wanting some advice from you guys.

    I have been ranking sites for years, recently I have noticed a few of these sites are experiencing the same sort of pattern.

    Firstly, they are ranking pretty high within their niche, first page top few results.

    Then after some time they drop all of a sudden to like 50th but on further investigation I notice the page that was ranking on the first page of Google (usually the homepage) is no longer the page that is being picked up by Google and is in fact an internal page i.e. /contact or /terms

    Then after some time it might drop even more to around 100th position, but the main homepage still isn't showing.

    I've noticed this across 5 different sites thus far and I am unsure what could be causing it. I am thinking on-page keyword optimisation or even off-page anchor optimisation but some of the sites have barely any links, maybe 10 referring domains and 70% is for root URL.

    Any advice or experience with this would be greatly appreciated.
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