Is Youtube still worth it?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Saiyan, Jun 8, 2014.

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    Hey everyone! I know most of you will tell me that YT is not good anymore for making money (because you don't want competition..) but I'll ask you anyway since I'm in a DESPERATE need of money.
    Almost 1 year ago I was a "master" in ranking Youtube videos but I quit PPD a few months ago and now I want to get back in the game but it seems that Unlisted method pretty much ruined YT marketing because of the spammy results pages.
    What do you think? Shall I start promoting videos on YT again using my "old" way or should I use unlisted method like everybody else? lol
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    I followed your journeys and I personally would not get back into the methodology that you were using.

    I'm still banking off Youtube but I don't do any spammy shenigans like hacks, cracks, keygens, etc. I do Clickbank and I do it legit. I make awesome videos. I've had to adopt and evolve to many of the changes of the last 6 months but if you ask me, things are getting easier now. Just because so many newbs and amateurs are throwing in the towel.

    So the short answer = yes.

    Youtube is obviously still worth it.

    The flipside is I do not believe it's worth it for PPD. Like I can stop marketing tomorrow, take a 3 month break, and my earnings might drop like 5-10%.

    With PPD, your earnings will drop like 80-100%. And tbo, before the updates it's always been like that. Which is why I've always hated PPD. People think its fast money and it's not. It's slave money. Clickbank on the other hand, if you do it right, videos stay up for years and you can bank for a long time with very little bs (assuming you can pick out the right niches).
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    @BreaknBrix is right, I tried PPD + YT and it made me only a few $. I tried product placement, and I'll tell you I don't get 10.000 views a month, far, far farrrrr less, but I still make some sales with product placements and reviews. Or more like I "made". Short story, account gotten banned because I was too lazy to create NEW videos and simply stole them.
    I want to make a new one, but I can't find time.
    So, in a nutshell: YES, IT IS WORTH IF YOU DO IT RIGHT.
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    If u can pick the right niches even for gaming you can still do it, there is a journey i have seen the OP making $100/day