is using PPC to promote CPA a good idea?


Aug 5, 2010
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Hello guys, I was just wondering if promoting CPA offers through PPC is a good idea to make me cash? And If so, is there any guides or reports that I can see and read more info it?

Thanks!! :)
I don't recommend CPA offers via ppc because it's not going to be really cost effective, unless you really know the ins and outs of Adwords or other PPC Platforms.

I recommend CPV (cost per view) campaigns for CPA because it's more cost effective, and can be tested out easier.

You can use many platforms such as traffic vance, adbrite, media traffic, Direct CPV, , , etc.
PPC-does-work. Try-using 7search or YaHoo's Sponsored Search instead of just ordinary-Adwords. Agree w/this guy above; CPV-TrafficVance-MediaBrite-DirectCPV are great co's to start off w/ for PPV.
You need to do a lot of split testing if you want ppc and cpa to work.
I think it's better to give a freebie and get an email list together.
Yea defintly once you learn ppc you can use it but you have to learn make sure your cost for is profitable for you. Ppc with adwords you might need possibly 5,000 dollars to test correctly to find a winner.

Cpv you have lot less cost you can spend like 400 bucks and have good knowledge of once going to be profitable for you. But you if have alot of money ppc can be a real good long term thing to do with cpa offers. you have some big cashflow it will work. to test it's all test in marketing.

To the top:) Good luck
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