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    OK...I have got myself sick submitter and spent a couple of days working out how it all functions.

    Since then I have learned how to scrape my own lists together and use the platform reader / list wizard to get them compiled in sic files ready to use against my sites.

    I am beginning to realise how powerful this tool is, and I need to be careful I don't get to trigger happy.

    The sites that I have all range between 1 to 3 months of age as I am new to IM myself and so I need a little guidance from some of the pros on here as ot what I should avoid, so as not to raise flags or heavily sand box my sites.

    The key components are:

    Profile Submitter
    RSS Submitter
    Directory Submitter
    Article Submitter
    Bookmark Submitter
    Blog Submitter
    Web 2.0 Submitter

    If anyone could be kind enought to let me know which ones to be very careful of (run only 15 to 30 a day) and which ones I can blast (such as Directories or Bookmarks) - I would really be thankful to you.

    Perhaps I might be asking a bit to much, if so, no worries I can post over to the SS forums too.

    Thanks brothers!
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