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    Hey guys I think I know the answer to this already but figured i'd give it a shot. Im basically looking for an easy solution where not very computer savy people can either turn their Web host server or PC into a proxy or at least mimic a proxy. So they would get an IP:pORT to use in software.

    1 - Is it possible to turn a web server into an HTTP proxy that can be used in software (IP:pORT) without needing something like Squid that needs access to the system files? By that I mean something like a php script that can mimic a proxy and give you an IP:pORT to use in software?

    2 - Does something like this exist for Windows where you can use a computer as a proxy server without having to mess around with router settings and what not? I looked into AnalogX but in order to access outside of the network you'd have to do a lot of configuring to the router/network settings.

    Thanks for any help guys.
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    Well for Windows, I think you can do what you're trying to with Putty. I believe you could open SSH access and use that like a single proxy. There's plenty of people here more knowledgeable that could help, but if you haven't check it out already I'd definitely give it a look and see if it can help you. is the official Putty web page.
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