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Discussion in 'YouTube' started by RandomInternetGuy, Feb 22, 2015.

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    I read that $250 a day(?) post a few days back about how they mostly make money with creative common content. It sounded great, and I made an account and then started looking around and was quite disappointed. It seems like the best content has already been posted with xxx,xxx+ views, there's tons more copyright companies (the heck is Junkit Media?), the older creative common content videos were posted in 2012 or 2013 and I can't find a good way to search through content.

    Does anyone have any advice, guides or ideas about this? I'd like to make videos that feel high quality but am not at a level to make my own from scratch yet. Editing (why I thought creative commons was awesome) is my cup of tea though and I can figure a method for that. It feels like my main issue is sourcing content simply because everything has copyright on it.

    Now let's assume I have content for videos/just use the creative content anyways, how do I go about creating backlinks for it and getting it views? Videos differ from sites in that if you spam them people will make those kinds of comments on the videos and it will cause issues no? Also is it possible to multiple unconnected Google accounts and still cash out via adsense? I don't plan to do anything that involves blackhat means (might try copying non-Youtube content) to get views nor have them in the videos buuut if Youtube ever decided to ruin my day I'd like to keep my main accounts.
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    Make high quality content then make it go viral. :) You can even get 100k views per day. Trust me. Viral video is the best.
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    This is exactly how I started out a few years back. Finding quality videos was the hardest part. You have to sift through piles of junk to find anything worth uploading. I found most of my videos using the Vimeo CC search feature. You can play around with this method to get your feet wet but I strongly urge you to get familiar with a video production tool so you can produce your own content. There are some really great ones out there that are very easy to use.

    You'll have to dig around for video seo methods. There are a lot of quality threads here on the topic. But yes, sending spam backlinks to your videos will cause problems.

    Yes, you can connect multiple YouTube accounts to 1 adsense account.
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    $250 method is wide used on YT atm and hard to compete because of the reason you stated above. If you want to create your own content better do it and use some cool tips on channel promotion from $250 per day guide (2 channels thing from that guide worked very well for my whitehat channel).