Is this illegal?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by StrictlyBiznez, Nov 24, 2011.

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    Oct 23, 2011
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    I actually took on mutatedllama's method of content locking a famous show/movie and it hasn't made me much money. I do need to promote more HOWEVER essentially, I am providing the links to watch the TV series that I am putting up but it is hosted on someone else's existing site.
    Is this an illegal activity? I figured if you're not hosting the series you can't get done for copyright but a friend told me distributing a link is still illegal.
    Could someone advise?
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    Nov 8, 2011
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    I owned a Warez site some time ago, according to my host providers, it IS indeed an illegal activity but nothing to worry about. The just ask you to remove the links and that is it. However, not much companies complain, they just report the links themselves form the source (megavideo, rapidshare, filserve, etc).
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    Nov 11, 2011
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    I had a link (not a hosted file) to an affiliate link to download copyrighted content and my content lock box was removed by the aff company I am using. I don't know if you are faking referrer or found a more lenient network than I, but I know at least one of them is quite strict about this kind of thing.
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    I don't think its technically illegal to just provide a link to a file hosted somewhere else (eg megavideo, youtube) this has always been the defense of the torrent sites, that they dont actually host content. I do think the laws will change in the not too distant future due to lobbying by the film/music industry.

    Having said that, the Big content companies have been going after these type of sites more and more.

    As long as you respond to any DMCA requests and remove the offending link, you should be A-OK

    Another thing which can help protect you is to make it look like users have posted the links, and have a policy page saying the site isn't responsible for user generated content. Again, as long as your responding to the DMCA requests your fine.

    TBH I wouldn't worry too much about it, the companies have got much bigger fish to fry, if you're getting millions of views each day, then they might start sniffing around, but otherwise..

    Another point to note, is that if anyone was to sue you, they cant take what you havnt got :D Any one can try and sue me till kingdom come, they'll never find where I've got my money stashed hehe

    Thats my view of the matter anyways. I hope you're doing well with the site :)

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    Nov 25, 2011
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    Hi well i don't think it's illegal . Basically it's just like putting a youtube , megavideo etc.. link . There can be companies that can remove you but that it's according to company rules .

    I can't be legally prosecuted if i download a torrent or i send a torrent file to a friend . They might prosecute the guy that you took the link if he's hosting them maybe .
    Anyway piracy it's illegal ... and it's still here and will be ...
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    I think it is illegal. im pretty confident that you can be fined/sentenced for doing it. but you would only come to the attention of anyone if your site becomes very very very popular