Is This How Successful IMers Should Live?

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    Is This How Successful IMers Should Live?

    Don't pay attention to the title Just Imagine doing something like this in every country

    Here the guys website

    The Video[ For Ages 18+ ]

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    I really hate this phenomenon , the prostitution.
    The guy did a great job documenting an occurrence that unfortunately it's becoming global day by day but I don't really like the way he showed it and the way he realized it.

    He could show it in a more socialized / educational way than just using these girls , within a word he wasn't documenting the prostitution as an bad habit of society but he was just having fun , which makes me so pissed off and nervous !

    I can't really understand a man who cannot respect a woman.
    I hate how most of the guys just use womens as some "toys" to have sex with and then just break off whenever they want !
    You're don't do anything with that, you just show off your culture, your character and how ignorant / idiot you are - that's for every man who does that !

    Respect womens in the same way you want to get respected , you don't have anything more just because you're a man , You're a person, She's a person , you all have the same abilities, rights and competences.

    Think about it , I'm pretty sure if you were on a girl position , you wouldn't really like to get used in that way and then just get upset when "the guy" just runs away !

    I would never do that type of life that he showed on this documentary , I hate peoples who do it too !
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