Is this a sale or what?


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Jan 5, 2009
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Just looking at the analytics for my account, and I see for the title: "Order from impression count" = 1.
Is that a sale?
Thanks, sorry if its a stupid question.
It is not a sale ,it showing that somebody came to order form submit page
so they like, started to order, and then left?
thanks for reply
A lot of people confuse Order form impressions, order form submits, and sales!

OFI simply means they went from the vendors pitch page to the clickbank order page (where they would enter their payment details)

OFS are when they ACTUALLY enter that information and click the "order Now" button. This is NOT always a sale. There credit card could be invalid, they could have not entered all the information, or CB could be having processing "issues".

Sales are, of course, just that - sales!

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